Scrabble players react to Jeopardy loss

9:04 PM, Aug 5, 2013   |    comments
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AURORA - It's the most talked about Jeopardy clip since Darrell Hammond spoofed Sean Connery. During a recent episode of Kid's Week, 12-year-old Thomas Hurley III got the answer right, but misspelled "emancipation."

Hurley was noticeably upset after the show, despite his 2nd place finish. He went as far as to say he was "cheated" by Jeopardy.

If Hurley got the answer right, but failed to spell the word correctly, should he have been knocked out of the game?

We decided to visit some speed spellers at this year's Word Game Players National Scrabble competition in Aurora to pick their brains about the controversy.

"I was watching the episode when it happened," said Jeff Clark, a Scrabble Player participating in the competition. "I was just thinking to myself, 'man, they were kind of rough on him.'"

Spelling is crucial in some competitions, but on Jeopardy, judges tend to be a little more relaxed during the first few rounds.

"If he was just competing against kids I think they should have been a little more relaxed. It's a hard lesson," Keith Hagel said.

Other participants agreed.

"If it was some sort of complicated thing they probably wouldn't have done that. I watch Jeopardy regularly," Jack Eichenbaum said.

The participants in the Scrabble competition were more focused on their game and spelling their words right.

The competition lasts through Wednesday. The participants will play 31 games.

Participants from more than 20 states are playing in the competition.

Learn more about it by visiting their Twitter page: @wcscrabble

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