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Not knowing celebs might be early sign of dementia

8:38 AM, Aug 14, 2013   |    comments
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EVANSTON, Ill. - Would you be able to recognize the faces of Oprah, Bill Gates or John F. Kennedy? A new test uses these famous faces to spot Alzheimer's Disease early.

The famous people included in the study were chosen because they are relevant to adults who are 65 and younger. Thirty people with a type of early dementia were included in the study, as well as adults without the disease. The average age was 62.

They were shown famous faces and asked whether they recognized that person, and if they could provide a name. Researchers found those who scored the worst were the most likely to have early symptoms of dementia.

Brain scans taken during the exam showed those who had trouble naming faces had deterioration in the left and right temporal lobe of the brain.

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