Fat Fido? Biggest Loser trainer has help

8:54 AM, Aug 16, 2013   |    comments
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KUSA - Dolvett Quince from NBC's "The Biggest Loser" is tipping the scale on pet obesity by kicking off a campaign to help your pooch lose extra pounds through preventive care, nutrition and exercise. 

Quince has developed an exercise program that pet owners and their pets can do together to become active, healthy and fit. It's in response to a report that chronic conditions such as overweight and obesity in pets have increased at an alarming rate since 2007.

Since that time, overweight and obesity have increased by 37 percent in dogs and 90 percent in cats, affecting approximately 1 in 5 pets. When pets are overweight, their waistline is not the only concern - the condition is associated with other serious diseases like diabetes and arthritis, and can severely impact the overall quality of a pet's life and potentially become costly to manage. Fortunately, there are steps pet owners can take to prevent obesity and ensure their pets live happier, healthier lives.

"As a personal trainer, I am constantly motivating people to lose weight; however, my passion for fitness and nutrition doesn't stop at the gym," said Quince. "Overweight and obesity is weighing heavily on the minds of Americans and is impacting families across the country, including our four-legged friends. Leading a healthy lifestyle is just as important for our pets as it is for humans, which is why I created a program that pet owners can do with their furry friends to become more active and shed unhealthy weight!"

Quince's workout plan goes beyond just walking and running with pets. This comprehensive plan includes moves such as the "Plank Fetch," where pet owners assume a plank position, resting forearms on the ground, keeping their bodies in a straight line with their weight on their toes and forearms. While in this position, pet owners can hold out a dog toy or ball to the side, and play a game of fetch. When the dog brings the toy back, the pet owner can release from the plank position.

Another exercise developed for the workout plan is "Shuttle Runs." After picking three line markers that dogs and owners will run toward, Quince recommends that pet owners stand to one side and run these with the dog and create a fun "chase game." Participants can start by running to the first point, and run back to start; next run to the halfway mark and back to start; and last, run to the farthest point and back. This can be repeated for a total of three to five sets. As both the dog and owner build stamina, additional sets may be added.

Quince's pet workout is featured on www.Banfield.com/fitness 

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