Homeowner hikes into Drake, documents damage

9:35 PM, Oct 7, 2013   |    comments
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DRAKE - It has been nearly a month since the Colorado floods. However, there are still hundreds of residents who are not able to access their homes. Some still don't know the extent of the damage to their homes because they live in remote locations.

Drake homeowner Dan Kellogg had enough of the unknown -- and decided to hike six miles into his home three miles upstream from Drake.

"The area I visited, it was just kind of inaccessible. Nobody's really seen it yet," Kellogg said. "The only footage I had seen was when Larimer County Sheriff's office posted video of a flyover early on."

He hiked with two friends from Glen Haven, over the Crosier Mountain Trail, through property and into thick brush, before hitting County Road 43 Saturday.

They were prepared to sleep outside. They brought excess food and supplies because they did not know what to expect.

"When we came out to the road, there was very little road remaining. I was just really surprised, awestruck by the whole thing," Kellogg said. "The river is running, I don't know, six times more than normal at the moment. It used to be a five to ten foot across river. It's currently running about 20 feet across and three feet deep."

Luckily, Kellogg's home was not damaged in the flood --- his propane tank, his garage and his shed were also intact. The bridges on his property were completely gone.

Kellogg says there used to be approximately 30 feet of land from the river to the garage. After the flood, there is only ten feet from the garage to the river.

"I'm guessing, just based on the height of the debris piles and the size of the boulders deposited in the area, the power of the river was just crazy," Kellogg said. "There were boulders the size of buses that were in the middle of the river ... So it apparently had been rolling down the river and just the power that it would have taken to do that, I can't even wrap my head around that."

He had other friends who were staying at his home the week of the floods - but left the night before the big flood. If they hadn't left, they would have been stranded in Kellogg's home with a six month old baby.

Kellogg and his friends spent the night at his home, winterized it and hiked back Sunday.

"It's really difficult to find words to describe what I saw and to really do it justice."

He says he did not seen any staging for road repair -- which is supposed to be done by Dec. 1. However, Kellogg mentioned crews may have started road reconstruction Monday.

Kellogg says the Glen Haven Fire Department and the Larimer County Sheriff's Department did a great job helping those in danger around the Drake community.

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