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PHOTOS: Flushing out the USA's best public restrooms

1:53 PM, Nov 19, 2013   |    comments
  • The John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan, Wis., is renowned for exhibits that feature art made from pottery, iron, enamel and brass. Cintas
  • The museum has six artist-inspired restrooms. Cintas
  • Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade in Portland, Ore., gets the No. 2 nod. When the arcade reopened its doors to this renovated space in 2011, the video game-themed bathrooms stole the show. Cintas
  • One of the more notable design features in this restroom is the native stone walls. Cintas
  • When the restroom is empty the bathroom window visible to the parlor is clear, but once locked, a layer of fog blocks the view. Cintas
  • If you bypass the lollipops and licorice at Sloan's Ice Cream in West Palm Beach, Fla., and make a beeline for the bathroom, you'll find a memorable sight. Cintas
  • The washroom in the Alex Madonna Gold Rush Steak House in San Luis Obispo, Calif., features carved wooden stall doors adorned with tufted pink leather, an antiqued golden mirror, a ceiling chandelier, marble countertops and pink embossed wallpaper with a gold leaf finish. Cintas
  • Retro-style arcade game graphics are incorporated into the tile work of the floors and walls. Cintas
  • The lounges even offer private stalls complete with one standard sized toilet and a "pint-sized" potty, too. Cintas
  • The shopping mall's two newly renovated family lounges include private curtained stalls for nursing mothers, a granite countertop with multiple diaper changing stations, and bottle warmers. Cintas
  • The bathrooms inside the Westfield Garden State Plaza in Paramus, N.J., are the epitome of family-friendly. Cintas
  • The public glass restrooms on the town square in Sulphur Springs, Texas, are No. 3. The small town took a big leap back in 2012 when they debuted two all-glass bathrooms on their downtown square, the first of their kind in the nation. Cintas
  • Custom-designed sinks glow with an ever-changing array of color powered by LED bulbs. Cintas
  • The design includes a spacious wheelchair-accessible interior and a stainless steel toilet and sink. Cintas
  • Users of the facility can see out, but no one can see in. Cintas
  • Viracocha, an eclectic vintage store in San Francisco, has become one of the Mission District's most popular destinations - predominantly for its posh potty. Cintas
  • The Varsity Theater in Minneapolis gets top honors in the 2013 America's Best Restroom Contest, with its "Alice In Wonderland-like grotto." Cintas
  • The sinks were designed with shower head faucets with a foot pedal operation. Cintas
  • The bathroom features Tiffany table lamps, a Victorian bathtub full of stones, and a cozy white arm chair. Cintas
  • The ladies lounge, located in the Park Avenue entrance lobby, features an Art Deco staircase and an elegant faux fireplace with oversized marble vanity. Cintas
  • Each private stall is an inclusive bathroom complete with a toilet, marble vanity, porcelain sink with brass fixtures and Salvatore Ferragamo bath amenities. Cintas
  • The lobbies and entrance of New York's historic Waldorf Astoria have recently been restored to their 1930s-era Art Deco splendor. Cintas
  • One part old-fashioned powder room and one part lounge, the theater's restroom allows concert-goers to take a break in an area from which they can still see and hear the performance. Cintas
  • The 20 restrooms in the main terminal at the Tampa International Airport in Florida were renovated as part of the airport's latest modernization project and were redesigned to provide a bright, clean atmosphere with a fresh, Florida feel. Cintas
  • Sandwiched between the two panels of glass is a mixture of polymer and liquid crystals. A constant electrical current keeps the crystals in line and the glass transparent. Cintas
  • When the door handle is locked, the current is stopped, the crystals fall, and the glass looks clouded. Cintas
  • The restrooms feature automated, hands-free conveniences. Cintas
  • The lounge and hand-washing area of the Varsity Theater restroom is co-ed. Cintas
  • The women's side of the restroom features four times as many stalls as the men's side. Cintas
  • The focal point of each restroom is the full-wall mural. The images were selected to depict scenery, animals and plant life that are native to Florida. Cintas
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USA TODAY - Photos of the best public restrooms in the country.

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