Russia is ready to win at the Olympics

6:02 PM, Dec 3, 2013   |    comments
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MOSCOW, Russia - In just a few months, Russia will be on the world stage as they host the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. It's a huge project for any country, and it may mean extra pressure for Russian athletes to win at home.

9NEWS Reporter Anastasiya Bolton asked Russia's Deputy Minister of Sports Yury Nagorny about the country's less than stellar performance in Vancouver and how the country and the fans expect these games to be different.


"[The] Olympic Games are really the grandiose event that the entire country is getting ready for," Yury Nagorny said.

A tall, soft-spoken man, Russia's Deputy Sport Minister sat down with 9NEWS to talk about the Olympic Games in Sochi.

He answered with knowledge, conviction and detail.

The country is still in the process of building the most expensive games in world history. According to reports, more the event will cost an estimated $50 billion.

Russia's deputy minister of Sports says the country, essentially, had to build a brand new city.

"In Sochi, we had to build the unique infrastructure practically from scratch," Nagorny said. "The infrastructure of developing the winter sports meeting the highest requirements and build by using the most advanced technological advancements available, by utilizing the best methodologies, materials."

It's a project unlike anything his country has ever done.

"First of all, let's call it in the 'new Russia' there was never an event of such a scale," Nagorny said. "The event that we could invite over quite literally the whole world as our guests."

Russians promise they'll be ready.

In June when the 9NEWS team traveled there, it looked like a lot of construction was yet to be finished.

And as hard as the workers are trying to get it done, the athletes may have just as much, or maybe even more pressure on them to perform at home. The pressure may not come from officials. It might be one of those internal expectations athletes have on themselves.

Team Russia didn't do so well four years ago in Canada. It was sixth in the medal count, with only three gold medals.

"Naturally, we were not satisfied with the results of the Olympic Games in Vancouver," Nagorny said. "Fans were expecting much more, and now we are hoping that the teams will be fighting. Guys will be showing good results, and we are positive that our fans will not only be cheering for the ones that are winning at the Olympic games but also for those that are giving everything they have."

It's a huge undertaking and an investment for any country.

Russians, at least Russian officials, are confident it will all pay off in February.

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