Not the time to buy a Christmas tree

4:55 PM, Dec 4, 2013   |    comments
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EVERGREEN - It's the kind of weather that puts us in the holiday spirit. But it is not the weather to buy a Christmas tree.

"Welcome to Luckylure holiday activity center," owner Rocky Brougham said.

It's not the coldest he's ever felt.

"I've seen 28 below," he said.

But temperatures hovering around the zero degree mark just means Brougham has some work to do. There is a ton of snow to clear. He has to be ready for the customers - for the time he would want them to come back. Because right now, it's too cold to buy a Christmas tree. Yes, there is a such a thing.

"The trees get brittle and they break," Brougham said. "It's like a big tumbleweed."

Brougham has been around these parts for a while to know.

"This tree is cold and frozen. The branches are flexible," he demonstrated. "That's not breaking, it's flexible. When you buy a Christmas tree you want to be able to make sure it's flexible."

But right now, he says the trees are frozen. So unless you have a pickup truck where you can lay one down, tying it to the top of your car could cause some branches to break off.

It's an unexpected turn of events for those of us who don't deal in Christmas trees, but something Brougham feels you should know.

"When it's zero or below don't buy a Christmas tree. When it's above zero, come visit me," he said.

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