Local Church remembers Mandela's Legacy

6:00 PM, Dec 8, 2013   |    comments
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DENVER- The power of forgiveness may be one of the greatest lessons Nelson Mandela shared with the world.

It was that message that many believe saved South Africa. Sunday at the Potter's House Denver, Senior Pastor Chris Hill honored Mandela's legacy with his congregation while using his life to inspire people to forgive.

"We just really want to mark his life with a message of forgiveness and peace. I have called it 'Letters from Robben Island.' I'm imagining if he were to write us a love letter from where he was imprisoned he would tell us to forgive, he would tell us that one voice has significance," Pastor Chris Hill said.

Mandela fought for racial equality in his country and for peace among all people. He was thrown in prison where he stayed for 27 years. Many would say Mandela had every right to be angry and bitter about being locked away, but he wasn't. Pastor Hill told his congregation that Mandela walked out of prison with forgiveness and love in his heart and by doing so, he was able to change the hearts and minds of the people of South Africa.

"We are closer than we thought. Distance is an illusion, the struggle of a man in South Africa resonated with the whole world. Mandela shows us that when you forgive you really get out of prison," Hill said.

Hill told his congregation that regardless of the challenges and pain they may have in their hearts, to be happy and to truly be free is to forgive. He reminded the audience that all it takes in one person to help change the world.

Services at the Potter's House Denver are broadcast weekly in South Africa. The church says that roughly one million people tune in each month.

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