UN worries aid has not reached Philippine victims

7:55 PM, Dec 8, 2013   |    comments
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CANBERRA, Australia (AP) - The United Nations humanitarian chief says she is investigating reports that aid has yet to reach remote parts of the Philippines a month after a devastating typhoon.

Valerie Amos is in Australia for aid talks with the government. She said Monday she is still hearing "worrying reports in the media ... where people said they hadn't received any aid as yet."

Typhoon Haiyan (HY'-ahn) plowed through the city of Tacloban (tahk-LOH'-bahn) and other coastal areas in the Philippines on Nov. 8, leaving over 5,700 dead and more than 1,700 missing throughout the region. Some 4 million people were displaced.

There are signs of progress in Tacloban but they are mixed with reminders of the scale of the disaster and the challenges ahead: Bodies are still being uncovered from beneath the debris. Tens of thousands are living amid the ruins of their former lives, underneath shelters made from scavenged materials and handouts.

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