Indiana mom gaining attention for 'good parenting test'

8:18 AM, Dec 12, 2013   |    comments
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DENVER - You've caught your child in a lie, so, what do you do? It's a growing pain many parents deal with when raising children, but one mother is looking for honest answers.

A mommy-blogger from Indiana is gaining attention from across the country because of her good parenting exam. Nicole Shaw is the author of the "Parenting License: The Written Exam." Its goal is to determine whether a person is ready - and qualified - to have children, and is based on personal experiences.

In case you were wondering, here are the answer choices to the question about lying:

Question 2: You've caught your 10-year-old in a lie. Which of the following is the best punishment?
- Time out, for you, with wine
- Cursing at her
- Blaming someone else instead of your precious snowflake
- Eating the child's dessert while the child watches
- None of the above, but if you have a good idea, we'd love to hear it

To see the rest of the exam, visit Shaw's blog here:

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