The Tennyson Center, helping kids overcome their demons

3:32 PM, Dec 16, 2013   |    comments
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DENVER - The Tennyson Center for Children in Denver is a treatment facility for kids who are emotionally challenged. Many are victims of abuse and neglect. In part one of the 9NEWS series, two young men have a real shot at a better life because of what they learned there.

Dominick recently left the Tennyson Center after intensive treatment. He has a chemical imbalance in his brain that results in anger. Dominick would act out by throwing tantrums, overturning desks, hitting and biting.

At Tennyson, he learned to control his actions. He still gets angry, but knows how to cope with it.

Now he's in public school and is doing very well. He's a leader at his school, plays on a football team and even helps other students try and solve their issues. His mom told us she doesn't know what she would do without the Tennyson Center.

Carlos is still in treatment. He grew up with parents who ran a meth lab and abused him. He was adopted, and mom now loves him very much, but couldn't control him. She told us she felt threatened and was worried Carlos would really hurt himself or someone else.

Carlos is also learning to cope, to control his actions and confront his demons. He's making great progress, and will soon transition to public school. He sees a very bright future ahead.

Carlos and Dominick are just two of the many children at the Tennyson Center who are trying to overcome bad breaks in life. The incredible staff works hard to give them a better life.

The Tennyson Center relies mostly on donations to carry on its mission. 9NEWS has joined forces with them to try and raise money.

If you are interested in donating, or would like more information, go to their website at To give $10, you can text SANTA to 50555. You will get a return confirmation text, please reply with yes.

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