Need an original gift? How about a pooper figurine

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BARCELONA, Spain - Among the Christmas figurines at one Christmas market in Spain are funny little figurines showing popular people using the toilet.

It's a christmas tradition at the Santa Lucia Christmas Market in Barcelona. There's space for christmas trees, garland, nativity scenes and "Caganers."

Caganers are usually small figurines of a peasant wearing a traditional red beret, white blouse bending down as if he's sitting on the toilet. In the Catalonian region of Spain, they're placed in the traditional nativity scene.

In addition to the traditional figurine, one shop makes popular world figures. There's Queen Elizabeth, her son Prince Charles and newlywed Kate Middleton.

There's world leaders like President Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Peter and Patricia from Scotland think it's a great tradition.

"I think it is a great leveler. It means that we're all from the same human family, with all things in common. No matter how great you think you are, basically we are all just human beings, and we should remember that everyone has got to go some time," Peter said. "And it's lucky, and it's a sense of humor. so it's about fun."

The Caganer has been around since the 15th century and is believed to have been included in nativity scenes in the 17th century. For many Catalan families, it's a way of assuring good luck in the new year.

American tourists Cristina and Gil purchased a President Obama figurine.

"I think it is incredible, it is funny and I had never heard of it, and I think we should really start bringing it to America," Cristina said. "It is a great tradition. Fertilization? We should have that."

The Caganer business that makes the world figures was only founded in 1992. They work in a small workshop. People can buy caganers all year long, but they're especially popular at Christmas time.

Caganers are sold in a number of towns in the region.

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