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Tech Tuesday: Companies that make great gifts

8:10 AM, Dec 17, 2013   |    comments
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KUSA - It's a special Tech Tuesday where Gregg Moss sat down with Scott Yates to talk about companies in three categories: "Early, But Interesting," "Colorado's Own" and "Crushing it!" This episode they are all Colorado companies that also create great gifts.

Lawn Tech

For the "Early, But Interesting" startup we have, which sells a new kind of sprinkler controller. Just as with other "smart home" technologies, they are taking something that's been around in the homes forever, and giving it a modern makeover.

Instead of using an old-fashioned and hard-to-adjust controller, you install the Iro product and then do all the programming from your phone. If you are away and there's a big rainstorm, the Iro will automatically reduce the amount of water going through the sprinklers. And if you want to have some fun, while the kids are playing in the yard you can slip your phone out and blast the unsuspecting youth.

It's cold out now, but this is a gift that will get a homeowner thinking about the spring, and they have a special early bird price available on their site.

Toy Tech

In the "Colorado's Own" category we have Atoms. This is a fascinating company that's gotten attention from toy enthusiasts worldwide, and is based right in downtown Boulder.

This company specializes in toys that are the components of robots, or any other toys that a child might want to create, if they want the toy to move, sense, make noise, make light, or interact with other toys or kids. And of course there's a smartphone app for controlling the pieces.

Just as with other popular component toys, Atoms sells kits or individual pieces. If you want to see them in action, you can do that at the Boulder headquarters of the company.

Craft Tech

For our "Crushing it!" company, the startup that is doing really well in the marketplace, we have Craftsy.

This company is absolutely loved all around the world for connecting experts in crafts such as knitting, cake decorating and gardening to those who want to learn.

So many people these days are saying that we don't really want "stuff" for gifts any more, they want are experiences and learning. That's why this company -- based on 18th street in Downtown Denver - is doing so well. They curate the best courses and the fans of those courses then rave about them on social media, leading to the kind of viral growth that so many companies hope for.

Just as with Atoms, Craftsy is hiring, further proof that so many of the jobs of today are being created by startups. That's why it's always good to network, and there happens to be a "meetup" tonight that's a combined holiday party of a half-dozen different start-up groups. You can see the details here.

This post was written by the content writing service, BlogMutt. Scott Yates, founder of BlogMutt, picks the companies to be profiled. To suggest hot, technology startups for him to feature in future installments, contact him via his blog: Scott, or just come to a startup event and pitch.

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