Holiday 'Miracle' at the Aurora Animal Shelter

9:41 PM, Dec 24, 2013   |    comments
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Video: Holiday 'Miracle' at an animal shelter

Mom with her baby "Miracle"

AURORA - On Monday, the Aurora Animal Shelter had a miraculous birth.

Dr. Nicole Bartley was about to spay three dogs that had been recently adopted when an emergency call came in.

A basket had been dropped off with a Chihuahua-mix mom who was in labor. She did not have a tag on, so the animal shelter workers had to take immediate action.

After an exam, they found the puppy the mom was trying to have was too big to fit down the birth canal. They started an emergency C-section.

But the puppy had been stuck for a long time and was not breathing and was not moving when they delivered it. The doctors had to move onto trying to save the mom because she had an infection from the difficult birth.

"We tried to revive that puppy and nothing happened. Puppy didn't breath, puppy didn't move and I thought, well, I didn't think we were going to save the puppy anyway," veterinarian Nicole Bartly said.

About 45 minutes after the mom woke up from her anesthesia, the staff heard cries from inside the blanket where the puppy had been wrapped up. It was alive!

Bartly says the puppy is the shelter's miracle. So that's what they named her.

"To happen right before Christmas, was just wonderful! I'm tearing up already. As white as she could be. I think that's symbolic, too," Bartly said.

Miracle and her mom were taken to Alameda East Veterinarian Hospital. They are being treated and fed as they recover.

"We do see a lot of sad things and to have a happy moment, especially around this time of year, it's good," Alameda East vet associate Angela Gwynn said.

Everyone involved is baffled at how the chihuahua and her puppy survived. Glad to have tried their best and grateful for a happy ending they never would have expected.

Both Miracle and her mother will be available for adoption in February.

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