Mistletoe farm is a labor of love

11:21 AM, Dec 25, 2013   |    comments
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SEGUIN, Texas - Down one South Texas road, there's a farm that's hard to find. But there are signs of Christmas there all year. The elves in their workshop never stop working.

Lori Wright and Brian Domman own Mistletoe U.S. They grow their own mistletoe.

"We'll go harvest off the farm," Domman said. "And we'll pull it down. We can pull down, harvest probably 500,000 pounds an hour."

They package it up with love and shop it across the United States.

And this labor of love grew into real love. It must have been the mistletoe.

"We don't need the mistletoe," Domman said. "But it does help."

"It does. We always grab a big clump and hold it over our heads," Wright said.

Their marriage is two months away, and one day, these holiday sprigs could help others.

"We could help develop with the mistletoe in Texas a drug that would help millions of people," Domman said. "That would be our ultimate wish."

Donating the plant to help cure cancer is their ultimate plan

"The European version is used for cancer treatment in certain colon cancers," Domman said.

In the meantime, there's always time for a quick kiss underneath the mistletoe.

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