PHOTOS: Top 10 apps for kids in 2013

1:49 PM, Dec 26, 2013   |    comments
  • Zany zoo animals respond in unexpected ways in "Petting Zoo," an app for both iOS and Android.(Photo: Fox & Sheep)
  • Celebrating differences in people, "Wee You-Things" invites kids to meet 24 unusual characters who are each special in their own way.(Photo: Wee Society LLC)
  • Delivering a charming story, the "La Luna: The Story Project" app seamlessly combines interactions with an Academy Award-nominated short film.(Photo: Disney)
  • Kids use their own photo when visiting "Toca Hair Salon Me" to create a hair style that is wacky and wild.(Photo: Toca Boca AB)
  • Realistic bugs and pretty buttons populate this intriguing math app filled with 18 activities.(Photo: Bugs and Buttons)
  • Kids can turn anything they can photograph into a talking puppet with "ChatterPix Kids," including their favorite Teddy Bear.(Photo: ChatterPix)
  • "Ansel and Clair: Little Green Island" teaches kids about environmental issues while they play a fun simulation game about developing their own island.(Photo: Ansel and Clair)
  • "Little Red Riding Hood by Nosy Crow" changes up the traditional tale by letting kids choose the ending.(Photo: Nosy Crow)
  • An exciting zoo filled with animated dinosaurs awaits kids in "Dinorama," a self-contained simulation game that slowly unfolds over time.(Photo: thesixtyone, Inc.)
  • Releasing Dec. 19, "Cut the Rope 2" showcases new adventures and puzzles starring everyone's favorite candy-munching alien Om Nom.(Photo: ZeptoLab UK Limited)
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USA TODAY - Here are the 2013 top ten apps for kids.

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