Cab driver returns $300K left in his car

8:34 AM, Dec 27, 2013   |    comments
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LAS VEGAS (KVBC) - It's a case of high dollar lost-and-found.

It's the story of $300,000 cash which was lost, left behind, and literally dropped onto a Las Vegas cab driver's back seat.

The money has since made its way back to the rightful owner.

Gerardo Gambia is the cab driver that found $300,000 and turned it in.

Just hail a cab, and if you get Gambia, you can ask the one question everyone is wondering: Why would you turn it in?

"Because it doesn't belong to me," Gambia said.

Gambia might be the most genuine guy behind the wheel, and now he has one of the best stories.

He has driven taxis in Las Vegas for 13 years, and the craziest thing he found before this fortune was a cell phone.

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