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Bring the party home: New Year's Eve ideas

2:28 PM, Dec 28, 2013   |    comments
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KUSA - The best memories are always created right at home with family and friends. In lieu of going out to the clubs and bars, host an engaging soirée that your guests will enjoy far more than a trip to Market Street.

Start with personalized invitations that tell your guests the when/where/why/what to bring. Mail or hand deliver these if you can and create a Facebook event with a custom hashtag that your guests can use to tag pictures and posts. Something like #2014CoppinFest. End the invitation with methods for safely returning home such as Lyft, Uber or a cab. Also let your guests know that you have provided a place for them to spend the night if they'd like. Safety first!

Decorations are cheap and easy. Hit up craft stores and major chains for discounted Christmas and holiday items with champagne golds, blacks, whites and ivories. All of these colors go great in a New Year's themed party. Most are heavily discounted leading up to and after Christmas day. Try to layer your decor. Put taller items in the back of a display and shorter in front. The display I chose utilizes a cake tier, painted glasses, candle holders, ribbons, glass ornaments, snow flake ornaments and champagne bottles.

Check out Pinterest for some great trending ideas. I found two great projects on Pinterest that I incorporated in the setup; splayed bows and champagne flute decorative sticks. The bows were simple. Just buy some regular package bows and cut the loops. This will splay out the bow and give it a chrysanthemum look. The champagne flute decorative sticks are simple and cheap. Buy some wooden skewers and break them in half. Cut a piece of foil paper to approximately 3" X 8" Cut very small slits along the paper's edge leaving about half of an inch at the base. Roll the paper around the skewer tightly and secure with a piece of tape. Pop the skewer into a champagne flute. Go to for detailed instructions and pictures to be posted later today.

Make sure to control the flow of the evening to keep all of your guests engaged. People typically go out because home lacks excitement. Ensure an exciting experience by playing interactive games that will help your friends and families come out of their shell. One game I love to play involves a blind fold and a circle of people. This may sound silly but it's really fun! Have the blind folded person stand in the middle of the circle. Spin them around a bit and have them walk to a player and ask them to make some kind of noise- animal or otherwise. If the blind folded person guesses the identity of the individual they can join the circle while the other player must now be blind folded and take the other's place in the center of the circle. Avoid loud music and television. This will segment your party and people will lose interest before the evening has concluded. At midnight toast the New Year and kiss that special person or close friend. I always provide some tubes of lipstick for the ladies to touch up just before the toast.

Most of your friends will drink responsibly or have a designated driver. Make sure you know that all of your friends have planned for a safe return home and provide a comfortable sleeping place for those that wish to linger a little longer.

Have a safe and happy New Year!

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