PHOTOS: Upload your pet photo bombs

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  • Hmmm Submitted By:Jill from: Fort Collins
  • This is Olive. She was tired of waiting for someone to come and play with her so she brought the toy to us! Submitted By:DeAnna from: Breckenridge, CO
  • My puppies BFF photo bombing her. Submitted By:REEAN from: Denver, CO
  • Hmmm Submitted By:Jill from: Fort Collins
  • Emmy Lou lounging and posing Submitted By:LINDA from: my back yard
  • Dog photo bomb Submitted By:Carley from: denver, co
  • My cat photo bombing my prego belly picture. Submitted By:Amber from: Miami, FL
  • Baby laughing after her Daddy told me a joke, She was listening and got the Joke !!!!!!!! Submitted By:Marge from: Colorado Springs, CO
  • My cat, Raja, is in the window in the background. The photobomb is more of a Ghosty-Bomb because of his eyes. Submitted By:Lisa from: Cheyenne, Wyoming
  • Kittens from Dumb Friends League who were being fostered before they were adopted. Photo from Patti B., foster parent.
  • Jake had to get in the picture of all the presents from Santa Submitted By:Michelle from: Centennial, co
  • Taking a picture of my birthday flowers and someone decided they wanted to be in the picture too! Submitted By:Cindy from: Elizabeth, CO
  • Snowbell under our tree we had no idea he was there and his green eyes look wicked in this photo. Submitted By:Amy from: Christmas day our home
  • This is Maycee (brown) and Kenzie (white) Maycee is 2 and Kenzie will be 1 in January. Maycee is a chihuahua terrier and Kenzie is a teacup Chihuahua Submitted By:shyla from: Rifle, Colorado
  • Lower right corner of the picture.. Alfie is goat-photobombing Snickers Submitted By:Joe from: Pine Junction, Colorado
  • "New kitten getting all of the attention? I think not!" says Princess. Princess is the photo bomber and Doodles is the new kitten that I was trying to get the picture of. Submitted By:Skylar from: Loveland, CO
  • Trying to get a pic of my daughter playing with a 4 wheeler and the dog jumped in the photo Submitted By:Melissa from: Windsor
  • While we wanted our family picture to include everyone, some would not cooperate. It was only until we looked at the pictures that we saw Charlie at the top of the stairs. Submitted By:Lyn from: Bailey, Colorado
  • Posing with my older cat and the younger one decided to join in! Submitted By:Tami from: Superior, CO
  • I taught I taw a puddy tat Submitted By:Antoinette from: California
  • Dylan Faulkner relaxing in Grandma Cathy's backyard while Miss Sophie sneaks in the picture. Submitted By:Jesse from: Haxtun, CO
  • Our dachshund Mimi behind the tree Photo Bombing a family picture. Submitted By:Caryl from: Centennial,CO
  • Our golden retriever Sydney sleeping at our feet during our family pic. None of us realized she was there until we got proofs back from the photographer! Submitted By:Kresta from: Lusk, WY
  • "New kitten getting all the attention? I don't think so!" says Princess.... Princess is the photobomber, and Doodles is the photobomee. Submitted By:Skylar from: Loveland, Colorado
  • Stanley gets in on the pic. Submitted By:Kami from: Denver, CO
  • I love this. Bojo in the water, Chewy looking on from the side Submitted By:Colette from: Niwot
  • Photo bombed by Truffles the cat! Submitted By:Michelle from: Lakewood
  • Our cat, Daphne, took over while shopping at Submitted By:Rodney from: Windsor, Colorado
  • Murphy (top right) smiling for the camera. Can you find the other dog in this picture? Submitted By:Kristin from: Fort Collins, CO
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KUSA - Unexpectedly having pets in your photos sometimes end up being the best photos. Show off your pet photo bombs by adding them to this gallery.

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