SHOW US how you spent your New Year's Eve

8:22 PM, Jan 1, 2014   |    comments
  • Fireworks at euvergreen lake Submitted By:lori from: Evergreen, co
  • We spent the night at home with our dogs. Rang in the New Year with a smooch! Submitted By:Mary from: Littleton, CO
  • Happy New Year from Beaver Creek!! Submitted By:Darren from: Beaver Creek
  • Celebrating a 13th birthday. Submitted By:Jill from: Ft Collins
  • Zoo Lights with the family Submitted By:Suzanne from: Denver Zoo, Denver, CO
  • View from the Lohi! Happy New Year! Submitted By:Jaime from: Denver, CO
  • Glitter picture! Masquerade ball in Loveland last night Submitted By:Shelli from: Embassy Suites Loveland
  • My boyfriend Jordan and myself ringing in the new year with our first New Years kiss Submitted By:Paige from: Arvada, CO
  • Olliver sleeping while the clock strikes midnight. Submitted By:Byllie from: Westminster, co
  • Quiet, nerdy night in. Submitted By:Tara from: Aurora
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How did you ring in 2014? UPLOAD a photo of your New Year's Eve celebrations below!

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