PHOTOS: Bucket list dishes from around the world

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  • Korean BBQ offers diners an interactive and appetizing experience. With grills strategically built into the center of the table, Korean barbecue restaurants hand over your side dishes and raw meat, and let you handle the rest. Captain and Clark
  • After cooking for over seven hours, the pig is removed, the meat shredded and then served with rice, cabbage and poi. This ono dish will have you coming back for more. Captain and Clark
  • There's something magical about eating true Italian food in the land of its origin. One can't go wrong with ordering a traditionally made pizza marghertia. Captain and Clark
  • Thailand is known for its flavorful -- albeit, spicy -- dishes. Get a taste of the country by sampling pad thai, a stir-fried noodle dish that is most commonly sold as casual street food. This meal is both filling and delicious. Captain and Clark
  • If a filling thali plate sounds like too much food, ask for the region's traditional curry. Captain and Clark
  • While the ubiquitous crepe can be found on every corner in France, it's the sweet and decadent delights in the patisseries that are the crown jewels. If you're looking for the perfect pastry to go with your morning coffee and cigarette, grab a freshly baked pain au chocolat. Captain and Clark
  • Paired wonderfully with whatever brew is on tap, battered fish and deep-fried french fries will give you a taste of the UK. Captain and Clark
  • While it's delicious at all times of the year, it is particularly satisfying in the cold winter months. Captain and Clark
  • If you find yourself hungry in Hungary, look no further than a hearty bowl of goulash. This traditional soup or stew is made of meat, noodles and vegetables and is seasoned with paprika and a variety of other spices. Captain and Clark
  • Stelze, crispy pork knuckle, is an unconventional snack that leaves one craving it long after the last bite. Captain and Clark
  • To get the most out of a meal in India, order a thali plate. These dishes are served on a steel tray with multiple compartments, each holding a different food. Depending on the region, thalis can come with rice, dal, vegetables, curry, yogurt, some form of protein and a small side of pickle or chutney. Arvind Balaraman Getty Images/iStockphoto
  • Ladurée in Paris, hailed for its colorful assortment of macarons. There, one can snack on the beautifully layered mille-feuilles, masterpieces in their own right. Sabino Parente, Getty Images/iStockphoto
  • Cliche as it may sound, pizza and pasta in Italy is just better. Don't underestimate the food of the country -- it's popular for a reason. Skip the chicken parmigiana and pasta alfredo, and order spaghetti carbonara. Bestzmile, Getty Images/iStockphoto
  • One of the best ways to experience a culture or country is through its food, and every foodie should taste these 10 world-famous dishes in the destinations where they originated. Captain and Clark
  • If you make it to an authentic Hawaiian luau, kalua pig is almost guaranteed to be served. The term "kalua" literally means to cook in an underground oven, and that's exactly how the pork is prepared. James Agnew, Getty Images/iStockphoto
  • Meat lovers will fulfill their carnivorous desires in the various schnitzels -- boneless, tenderized meat that's coated in bread crumb batter and fried. Captain and Clark
  • Originating in Quebec, poutine is composed of a pile of french fries that's smothered in gravy and topped with a generous amount of cheese curds. If you truly want to spoil your taste buds, try a plate garnished with added toppings like bacon, lobster or even truffles. Captain and Clark
  • Synonymous with England, fish and chips is a staple in most English pubs. With over 11,000 "chippie" shops throughout the UK and Ireland, you would be hard pressed to miss this traditional meal. Shaiith, Getty Images/iStockphoto
  • To savor a local favorite that will blow your mind, head to the distinguished Demel bakery in Vienna for its acclaimed apfelstrudel. This apple strudel is a monument in its own right and is best served with creamy vanilla custard and a cup of coffee. Captain and Clark
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For the avid traveler and the weekend warrior alike there are as many good foodie trips as there are stars in heaven. It only makes sense that you would need a bucket list for food as much as you'd need one for experiences.

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