United in Orange in New Jersey

9:58 PM, Jan 19, 2014   |    comments
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KUSA - In the shadow of MetLife stadium you'll find a bar called Redd's that turned a tinge of orange on Sunday.

It's a place where Broncos fans were easy to see and easier to hear.

Regina Curtis is a Jersey girl with Mile High roots.

"I lived in Denver as a kid," Curtis said.

That's where she met Rick Upchurch, the great Broncos receiver and return man.

"That was the first player I met, and I stuck with the Broncos ever since," Curtis explained.

How deep is her love?

Consider the man on the next bar stool over is her fiancé, former NFL receiver Odessa Turner. He played for and roots for the hometown Giants. But Curtis still won't break it off with her old flame.

"I stick to my team," Curtis said. "I'm really proud of my team. I wear my gear whenever I can. But I get a lot of talk from Giants fans and Jets fans."

She'll get no complaints from the table across the way where guys in town from Denver were there to set up the handheld radios used by Super Bowl staff.

"It's pretty exciting to be part of the biggest television event in the world," Dan Luebcke said. "I'm not doing much to make it happen, but I'll be there running around the field doing whatever these guys tell me to do."

Imagine being at at the Super Bowl while the Broncos are on the field - and your job doesn't allow you to cheer.

"I'm not cheering for my team verbally," Luebcke said. "But in my heart, dude, I'm going to be screaming."

You heard a lot of that from those in orange in Redd's, just down the street from MetLife stadium.

"Since I live here in Jersey, if they [Broncos] win the Super Bowl here - it's, it's - I can't even describe it. I'm sweating right now, I'm excited!" Curtis said. "It's like I'm part of the team."

In two weeks they'll be part of her town, too.

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