NFL keeps options open on Super Bowl contingency plans

11:42 PM, Jan 22, 2014   |    comments
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KUSA - Don't scrap Super Bowl Sunday just yet. While the weather continues to be a major question mark, the National Football League is keeping their options open on a different time - even different date to decide the winner of the Lombardi Trophy.

The NFL says - depending on the forecasts and impending safety and logistical concerns that come with it - the Super Bowl could be played as early as January 31 and as late as February 3.

"Our current planning is looking at Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Within any of those days the time could be variable," the Vice President of business operations for the NFL, Eric Grubman said. Though those scenarios are highly unlikely - the MetLife Stadium crew even went as far as having a dress rehearsal Wednesday - the scheduled kickoff could be easily switched by a few hours to accommodate the preparations needed due to the weather.

"We really want to play this game at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday. If we can't then moving it an hour or so in either direction and we could keep the game on Sunday then that would be our second choice," he continued.

Sunday is expected to have high temperature of 40-degrees and low of 25-degrees. There is also a nearly a 30-percent chance of snow or rain and winds will be around 6-to-12 mph.

The NFL is hoping not complicate the players routines and keep the game at the set time and date but they must also be considerate of the fans that will fill MetLife Stadium in the first cold weather Super Bowl. They are providing the spectators with additional gear.

"We have a warm weather pack that every fan in the stadium with get," Grubman continued. The pack includes gloves, knit hat, earmuff and a neck gator. "This warm weather pack is designed to gear up every fan - particularly those who might not be used to watching in cold environments and might not have brought some of the things that they need to have."

Super Bowl Sunday will be a cold game - nothing the Broncos nor Seahawks aren't accustomed to - even if it has to be hosted on the Friday before or the Monday after.

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