'Bronco Lady' cheers for the last time

10:02 PM, Jan 25, 2014   |    comments
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DENVER - There is a great sense of pride that comes along with cheering on the Broncos. But for one woman - the team is more than just a sports franchise. To her, the Broncos are family and they've given her strength to carry on.

Kara Christian has been cheering on the team since 1960. She has been one of their most loyal and enthusiastic fans. She knows every player who has played, She knows their stats and she has autographs from more players than she can count. She also prides herself in arriving to every game six hours early. There is no wonder why she is known to most players as "The Bronco Lady."

"I've seen every game and I really love this team. Not as just a football team, but as a family," Christian said.

Typically, people have pictures of their family on their walls, but Christian has pictures of the Broncos - because to her, they are her family.

"I don't have anyone left. It's just me. All of my family is deceased. So, after my surgery Clancy Barone called me twice to check on me which flabbergasted me. I couldn't believe it and many of the players come over and give me a hug. It means the world to me," Christian said.

As a way of showing the Broncos just how much she appreciates them, she sent a special note to them in the newspaper.

"To my beloved Denver football team, you will never know how much your kindness and support has meant to me throughout my illness. An autographed football has made the darkest of days shine brightly with an orange glow. A hug has given me the strength to remain Bronco tough a field pass has given me the encouragement to make it through another day," Christian wrote.

Last season, Christian was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. She decided not to go through with chemo because she wanted to see the Broncos play and she didn't want to sacrifice the quality of her life.

"I don't have any family, and children or grandchildren to live for. I can see why other people would go for quantity of life, but it's different for me," Christian said.

Next week when the Broncos play in the Super Bowl, Christian will be there cheering on her team for the last night, hoping that they bring home the Lombardi.

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