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PHOTOS: Behind-the-scenes at Super Bowl media day

9:53 AM, Jan 28, 2014   |    comments
  • Today Omaha! Omaha! Replaced by media calls Peyton! Peyton!
  • Not the Manning crowd but a good crowd for Wes Welker
  • Cameras require stools to gather around #PeytonManning podium
  • We're spending media day with the man who has been doing #broncos pr for decades
  • One hour before start and Manning pool is 5 cameras deep.
  • Orange in the fan stands for #SB48 media day.Proof again we have the best fans
  • A big fan cheer as these two enter the room
  • Broncos Peyton Manning is in there somewhere. Fans cheer when he takes seat.
  • Hard to believe this is where #avs won the Cup. Looks a little different today.
  • Here we go. #MediaDay
  • Media day circus!
  • Waiting on Peyton
  • Ten minutes to Manning and the crowd is growing
  • No wonder the players aren't paying attention to me.
  • For some of my female friends #SB48
  • This is #mediaday
  • Welcome to Super Bowl Media day ... Toughest hour of the week for #broncos ...Same question 300 times.
  • Wanna ask #PeytonManning a question? Good luck
  • Price of being Peyton. Small village around him.
  • If your employees called in sick today we found them at NFL Media Day...
  • If your patient you can close to a Manning.
  • Where's Waldo? #SB48
  • Always camera ready at #SB48
  • Apparently if you're finished listening to players you can dance with the cheerleaders
  • John Fox at Media Day
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Thousands of media members from around the world will ask football players lots of questions during Super Bowl media day on Tuesday.

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