Denver and Seattle businesses form friendly wagers

1:34 PM, Jan 30, 2014   |    comments
Better Business Bureau of Denver/Boulder
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KUSA - A Super Bowl champion won't be the only thing on the line come Feb. 2.

From public libraries to local breweries, businesses and service organizations in Colorado and Washington are placing some serious wagers on who reigns supreme.

The stakes are high, and Broncos/Seahawks pride is on the line.

Here are some of the businesses and service organizations who will duke it out:

1. Elysian Brewing Company of Seattle and West Flanders Brewing of Boulder have a little brewing competition of their own. Here are the stakes:

-The winning brewery will fly out (at the losing brewery's expense) and take over the losing brewery.

-The winning brewery will craft a victory beer of their choosing and serve it while flying the winning team's flag.

For West Flanders Brewery, their confidence remains sky high. "I already have the Broncos flag folded up in a Fed Ex envelope with Elysian's address," West Flanders head brewer Brian Lutz said. "The Seahawks are a great team, but Manning and the Broncos are gonna stampede to victory in New Jersey."

2. In the battle of the Better Business Bureaus of Denver/Boulder and Western Washington, the stage is a popularity contest. The BBB with the most Facebook likes on certain posts by kick-off wins. Here is Denver's Facebook post:

Here is the wager:

-The losing BBB's CEO will wear the winning BBB's team colors next week after the game.

"Ugly neon green in Broncos Country would be an outrage so PLEASE LIKE!" the BBB of Denver/Boulder said in a Facebook post.

3. A recruiting battle is underway between the Denver Army Recruiting Battalion and the Seattle Army Recruiting Battalion. Here's the wager:

-For one week leading up to Super Bowl Saturday, the battalion with the fewest recruit commitments will have to take a picture in front of the Broncos or Seahawks stadium wearing the opposing team's gear. If the Broncos win, the Denver Army Recruiting Battalion will receive five pounds of Seattle's Best or Starbucks coffee. If the Seahawks win, the Seattle battalion will be sent either a batch of green chile or some elk or buffalo jerkey.

4. The Denver and Seattle Public Libraries have taken to a Twitter hashtag (#DENreads or #SEAreads) competition for who is the "best-read city." Here are the stakes:

-The losing team must put up a display in the central area of the library featuring books and resources from the opposing city.

"We know that Broncos fans are the best in the nation," Denver librarian Shirley Amore said. "We're also confident that they're the best read in the nation, too."

5. The United Methodist Churches of Denver and Seattle are having a food-drive challenge before Super Bowl XLVIII Feb. 2. Whoever raises the most food items by the Monday following the Super Bowl wins this challenge.

Reverend Brad Laurvick helped organize the Denver food-challenge and launched the website to organize the efforts. Already, more than 70 united Methodist churches are participating.

The United Methodist Churches of Seattle countered with the website as a donation hub. So far, Rev. Laurvick claims Denver is in the lead.

Laurvick told 9NEWS the challenge is simply a way of "taking the energy we have around our great team and turning it into something that really is a team Denver kind of a project."

Some big contributions include:

-Six pallets of fresh produce

-A Fort Lupton, Colo. farmer provided 1,000 pounds of pinto beans

6. The Denver and Seattle Art Museums are placing their bet based on the outcome of Super Bowl XLVIII. The losing museum must release a work of art to the winning museum. Both museums have offered a work of art and are leaving the artwork's fate in the hands of their respective teams.

7. The Seattle Firefighters Pipes and Drums and the South Metro Pipes and Drums of Centennial, Colo. have a friendly challenge going that will help kids with cancer. Here are the stakes:

-Both bands are already performing an act of solidarity by shaving their heads. They will also be raising money for the St. Baldrick's Foundation, an organization that raises money for childhood cancer research. The "losing" band will donate all of their donations in honor of the winners.

If you'd like to donate, click here:

8. The Denver Foundation and Seattle Foundation have taken on a philanthropic challenge. The Denver Foundation is tackling hunger and partnering with the Denver Broncos and the Food Bank of the Rockies to raise funds. The Seattle Foundation is raising funds for the Make a Wish Foundation and to send some youngsters to the Super Bowl. There is no wager or stakes for this one, only a united effort to see who can raise the most.

If you'd like to donate, click here:

9. The Denver Zoo and Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle are engaging in a friendly wager based on the winner of Super Bowl XLVIII.

Here are the stakes:

-Should the Broncos take home the Vince Lombardi trophy, a curator from the Woodland Park Zoo will hand deliver a case of Washington apples and spend a day working with the horses and elephants wearing a Broncos jersey.

-Should the Seahawks win, they are in for quite the catch. A curator from Denver will take a case of trout for the zoo's sea eagles and spend the day working with the zoo's animals sporting a Seahawks jersey.

For Denver Zoo Curator of Birds John Azua, it's "game on." "I expect the Broncos to win and for us to welcome and host our fallen colleague here in Denver," he said.

Broncos pride is sky high and competitions continue to be organized. 9NEWS wants to know what your fun competition is. Post in our comments section with a competition you are participating in. Please keep them G-rated.

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