Food for thought: you may be overdoing it with your vitamins

10:21 AM, Jan 30, 2014   |    comments
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KUSA - It's true. Americans are not getting enough vegetables and fruits in their daily diets.

Doctors have noticed a sharp increase in vitamin intake over the years, but vitamins aren't always good for our health.

While they can be beneficial in certain situations, taking too much of a good thing can be very destructive to your health causing ulcers, kidney stones, and even cardiovascular damage.

Dr. John of 9News said that you may be overdoing it with certain vitamins: Iron, Copper, Beta-Carotene, Vitamin C, and Calcium.

"Calcium can start settling in your arteries, causing hardening of arteries, leading to kidney stones," he said. "If told by a doctor that you have a low iron amount, talk about taking an iron supplement and how much to take. Stick to that amount."

Check out some of the nutrient-rich foods he suggests you can incorporate into your diet without having to pop open the vitamin cabinet.

1) red meat
2) dried fruit
3) beans, lentils and soybeans
4) egg yolks
5) artichokes

1) oysters
2) sesame seeds
3) chocolate
4) calamari and lobster
5) sunflower seeds

1) spinach and kale
2) cantaloupe
3) squash
4) sweet potatoes
5) carrots

Vitamin C
1) bell peppers
2) broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower
3) kiwi
4) strawberries
5) Red and Green hot chili peppers

1) breads,grains and waffles
2) yogurt
3) cheese
4) soybeans
5) sardines

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