Super Bowl coaches John Fox's and Pete Carroll's have parallels

3:25 PM, Jan 31, 2014   |    comments
NEW YORK, NY - JANUARY 31: Head coach Pete Carroll (L) of the Seattle Seahawks and head coach John Fox of the Denver Broncos attend a Super Bowl XLVIII head coach joint press conference at the Rose Theater, Jazz at Lincoln Center on January 31, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
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NEW YORK CITY - On Sunday evening, Denver Broncos head coach John Fox and Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll will be across the football field trying to outsmart each other in the NFL's biggest game.

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On Friday, the head coaches of the Super Bowl teams were next to each other - separated by the Lombardi Trophy - talking about the game and their teams.

Fox and Carroll had their final news conference of Super Bowl week, meeting together at the Rose Theater. Both spoke to their background and road to this game.

"I think all of the guys that I've worked with over the years or that have coached me up, so many guys have made an impression that help you formulate how you want to do this job," Seattle's Carroll said. "They've had a tremendous impact."

Fox said his journey to becoming the Denver Broncos' coach was formulated by learning from a number of coaches, including four-time Super Bowl winner Chuck Noll.

"Chuck was very even-keeled," Fox said. "I don't like getting real high and real low after a loss or from a victory. His approach was very pragmatic. He was a great technician and a great teacher. Chuck was the kind of guy that if you were a wine connoisseur and you met him somewhere, the next time you met him, he was going to know more about wine than you did."

Carroll and Fox have a coaching history deeply rooted on the defensive side of the ball. Both had previous head-coaching jobs before getting fired and landing in another city.

Carroll was fired after one season with the New York Jets, going 6-10 in 1999, and then was fired after going 27-21 in three seasons with the New England Patriots. He spent nine seasons with UCS before going to the Seahawks for the 2010 season.

"There's been a lot of challenges along the way since the days back here in New York," Carroll said. "The evolution has been ongoing, and the process is challenging. ... The time here in New York, in particular, was extraordinary even though it was so brief. I remember it well, but it has been a long journey, and I'm very excited that we have a chance to go ahead and show you what we're about with the Seattle Seahawks."

Fox's journey to his current job was a little more direct, going 73-71 in nine seasons at Carolina before getting fired after the 2010 season. He was hired two weeks later by the Broncos.

"I think you're always growing, you're always learning. Life is kind of trial and error," Fox said. "I've always been of the belief that if you stop learning you stop living. Too many individual things to go through right now, but all of it's an experience.

"It's been a fun season and a great group of guys to be around. A great locker room much like Carolina's (Panthers). A lot of similarities, but then again there's some differences."

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