Police release 911 tape of hostage calls

7:36 PM, Feb 5, 2014   |    comments
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ARVADA - A 13-year-old Arvada hostage victim is doing well and is back in good spirits.

His family said he's happy to be back home. The boy survived an 18-hour hostage standoff that ended Tuesday morning.

Wednesday, 9NEWS obtained 911 recordings that offer insight into the state of mind and behavior of Don Pooley, the hostage-taker. They tell a story of how the incident unfolded inside the home on Gray Street.

What happened on Gray that would lead to 18 hours of intense negotiating and anxiety, began in another home, blocks away Monday.

This first call for help claimed Pooley was at the center of a separate fight involving a woman at a different location. But by the time the call was made, Pooley was gone from that house. He ended up inside a home with 13-year-old Connor Scott.

"This is a bad situation happening in Arvada," Pooley said to a 911 dispatcher.

Pooley called 911 several times. He claimed police and SWAT teams were surrounding the house where he held Connor captive.

Pooley didn't like it.

"Get them away from the house now!" he demanded.

He was frustrated and irritated.

Pooley continued, "I'm going to hang up. I'm going to watch the cops. They got two minutes [to leave]."

The entire time, Connor was there with him. Pooley continued the conversation with the 911 operator.

"This is the hostage speaking right now," he said.
"Help me, please," said a voice, apparently belonging to the victim.
"OK, now listen to me, listen to me," the dispatcher pleaded with Pooley. "Do not hurt that child!"

The call got disconnected several times. Then Pooley would call back.

"What kind of weapon do you have," the dispatcher asked.
"That doesn't matter," Pooley answered. "I'm hanging up lady. If they (police) don't leave I promise you bad things are going to happen. I'm out."

It was one of the last things Pooley said on the recorded call before he hung up the phone for the final time.

In the end, the hostage victim was not physically hurt. He was carried from the home by SWAT teams.

Pooley was shot to death by officers in front of the Arvada home.

The suspect and child had no prior relationship before the standoff.

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