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Neighbor stops burglar in north Denver

2:05 PM, Feb 15, 2014   |    comments
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KUSA - "Great neighbor" isn't the way Mark Pierce would describe the man who owns the house next door.

"We've been squabbling over the property line here," Pierce explains.

Saturday morning, the property line was the least of his concerns when a blue Corvette pulled up to the empty home on the 4100 block of Julian Street.

Pierce had never seen the car before but when he saw it, he says he thought of something mentioned in passing.

"The homeowner told me they've been having problems with people breaking into the house," he said.

Pierce says he circled his neighbor's house and saw a burglar armed with a crowbar and knife attempting to break in. Pierce says the man threatened to stab him.

"He had a look of desperation in his eyes so I kind of stood back from him," he said.

The burglar tried to take off in the Corvette but police say he couldn't find the keys and took off on foot instead. He was arrested near 44th Avenue and Lowell Boulevard after police used a K9 unit to track his whereabouts. Authorities believe the car was stolen from Englewood.

The homeowner, Larry Gilleland, couldn't speak with 9NEWS on camera, but says he's grateful for Pierce, who prevented yet another burglary at one of his investment homes.

The two may not have been on the best terms before but the moment that Corvette showed up, Mark says the issues took a backseat to a greater need: being a good neighbor.

"Even though we've been squabbling over the property line here, he's still a neighbor. He is still trying to do good things in the neighborhood."

While police never recommend confronting a suspect who could be dangerous, they say this attempted burglary is a good example of what people should do if they witness a crime: see it and report it.

Denver police have not released the suspects identity.

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