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How to pack like world traveler

6:26 AM, Feb 16, 2014   |    comments
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KUSA - Packing can oftentimes be a headache and such a pain. Packing too much can cause you to be disorganized leaving you with extremely heavy bags. On the other hand, if you try to pack light, you end up forgetting your most essential item causing a strain on your entire trip.

No need to worry. 9NEWS has come to the rescue with the five most essential travel tips every globetrotter should know!

1. Chapstick Money Holder
A great way to store extra money in case of an emergency is by using an old ChapStick case. You can also this as an option when you don't want to bring your purse or wallet to the beach or on your next exotic boating adventure. Very affordable and portable!

2. Capping your Shoes
A quick tip most people don't think of is using a shower cap as a shoe cover. This is a great tip to protecting your favorite designer shoes and also saving some bank. Use this tip and your shoes will be free from scratches and nicks! You can also save space by using these durable shower caps to pack your dirty shoes.

3. Touch-Up On the Go
Who would have thought you can use your old contact case as foundation storage?!
This is a perfect option for touch-ups or when you're on the go! You can also use your lens storage for moisturizer or sun block... a must for when you're traveling.

4. Roll your Clothes!
Rolling your clothes is a great tip to keep you sane and organized. You may think that folding your clothes is the best way to save room but it's not! True fact: rolling your clothing takes up less space than folded clothing. Plus it's a great way to quickly skim and decide what to wear without having to dig through all your clothes.

5. Straw Necklace Detangler
Don't you hate when you want to wear one of your favorite necklaces and you realize that you can't because it's tangled into a gigantic mess. Well here's a clever DIY tip you can use the next time you travel so that this doesn't happen. It seems pretty simple and it is! Just weave your favorite necklace through a straw as a way to avoid a tangled disaster.

These are just a few popular travel tips you can use the next time you jet set across the country. For more helpful tips check out our 9NEWS Pinterest board:

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