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'Wicked Tuna' rivalry returns to National Geographic

11:09 AM, Feb 24, 2014   |    comments
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USA-fishing-sea-environment-TV Fishermen Dave Carraro (L), 48, owner of the fishing boat, and his 1st mate Sanfro Maniaci work on board April 29, 2013 in Atlantic Ocean, near Gloucester, Massachusetts. Carraro and Marciano are two of the stars of 'Wicked Tuna', a successful serie broadcasted on National Geographic Channel, about the fishermen fishing tuna in Gloucester. (Photo credit should read FABIENNE FAUR/AFP/Getty Images)

KUSA - National Geographic invites you to return to the seas with the return of Wicked Tuna.

The reality show returns to the North Atlantic Ocean to give viewers a glimpse into the world of competitive fishing.

The five captains are trying to catch the bluefin tuna, which can rack in up to $20,000 per fish depending on size, weight, fat content and color.

The show has been successful so far and Captain Dave Carraro has his ideas why.

"The fish that we catch 1000, 1100 pounds, most people don't know they exist. Once they watch one episode, they're hooked," Carraro said.

Viewers are shown battles between animals and man, with man using the tools of the past to capture their prey.

"Fishing with one rod, one line, one hook, we're catching one fish at a time," Carraro said.

"It's artisanal. It's a very sustainable fishery and that's the way we like to do it here."

Captain Bill Monte said there is a big challenge capturing the fish.

"They have an enormous amount of horsepower," Monte said.

He continued with.

"Hook your fishing rod to a car going by at fifty miles-per-hour and trying to slow it down."

In addition to the battles with the sea, battles are raged upon the water as well.

"Its [the rivalry] gotten worse," Monte said.

"We're competitive. Once we get out there we're competitors.

Every fisherman wants to catch the biggest fish, the most fish," Carraro said.

The rivalry tempest airs Sundays on National Geographic Channel.

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