Free hay for struggling horse owners

6:10 AM, Jan 17, 2010   |    comments
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An average bale costs about $7. If you've ever owned a horse, you know one bale doesn't last too long, maybe two days.

That's why Amy Ryals has created a non-profit organization called "The Hay Bank".

Its main purpose is to supply people who can't afford hay with free hay.

"So many people have lost their jobs. These are not irresponsible horse owners. There are people who've taken care and loved their horses for years - and now they find themselves without work," Ryals said.

Anyone who's interested in receiving free hay can apply for it at

You have to fill out an application and provide references.

"These people have to show proof of prior care," Ryals said.

If you're approved, you can receive up to 20 free bales. Ryals is also looking for folks who are willing to donate hay to her cause.

"We need locations to store the hay as well," she said.

So far, there are three locations: Parker, Hudson and Monument.

"We'd like to get locations on the west side of Denver and north [side] so the people in need don't have to drive two hours to get their hay," Ryals said.

Ryals is hoping this effort will help save horses from starving.

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