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Shooting suspect's father says son sought help

8:21 PM, Feb 24, 2010   |    comments
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War Eagle Eastwood says he does not know to whom his son turned, but says, without medical help, Bruco Eastwood's condition deteriorated.

"He'd sit down at the table and [talk to] three or four people that weren't there," War Eagle Eastwood said. "He knew he had problems and I knew he had problems."

Bruco Eastwood faces charges of attempted first-degree murder after investigators say he shot two students outside of Deer Creek Middle School on Tuesday afternoon.

Bruco Eastwood appeared in court on Wednesday morning where he was ordered to stay in jail unless he posts a $1 million bond.

Minutes before the shooting, Bruco Eastwood checked in at the office of Deer Creek Middle School and spent a few minutes inside the school.

Investigators are not sure why he went inside.

The district has a visitor policy that requires visitors to show an ID and state their reason for being there.

"He came in for whatever reason left and it's my understanding he wasn't asked to leave he just left and then the shootings occurred outside," Jefferson County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Jacki Kelley said.

War Eagle Eastwood says his son moved onto his ranch in Hudson five years ago. Up to that point, Bruco Eastwood had little contact with his father, according to War Eagle Eastwood.

War Eagle Eastwood says his ex-wife took his son when they separated 20 years ago. He says Bruco Eastwood reentered his life after he lost his job and had no place to live.

Right away, War Eagle Eastwood says he noticed his son had some type of mental health problem - a problem, he says, that got dramatically worse within the last month.

"You try to talk to him and he's like in a completely another world ... until you put a hand on his shoulder and say, 'Son, can you hear me?'" War Eagle Eastwood said.

Bruco Eastwood has a criminal history that includes a host of charges including assault and domestic violence.

Still, his father says he never gave any signals that he was capable of this kind of violence.

"He held his anger a lot inside of him," Eastwood said.

Tuesday night, police seized all of the journals Bruco Eastwood wrote over years, according to War Eagle Eastwood.

War Eagle Eastwood says he does not know exactly what his son wrote about.

As of late, War Eagle Eastwood says his son stopped doing his chores around the ranch and talked incessantly about his freedom.

"I hope he's listening to me because he's lost his freedom now," he said. "If his freedom meant that much to him, he's lost his freedom now."

War Eagle Eastwood says he is an Apache, which makes his son half Apache and half Irish.

"He never told anyone he was Apache," War Eagle Eastwood said. "I think he was embarrassed about it."

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