Street sweeping in Denver begins, tickets double in price

10:20 PM, Apr 5, 2011   |    comments
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Neighborhood signs indicate which days drivers cannot park on specified streets. Those sweeping days happen once a month per sign designation, but the sweeping day can be different depending on the side of the street. Denver Public Works has a map to show when sweeping happens on each street. For that map, visit:

Denver Public Works says that the purpose of the sweeping is to clean close to the curb where debris typically builds up. This year, violators will find a $50 ticket on their car, which is double from last year's fine. The city says the fine increase is because it is now following an ordinance that classifies these tickets as a "tow away zone," which comes with a $50 fee. Last year, these tickets were classifed as a "no parking" violation and that comes with a $25 fee. The street signs posted throughout Denver do specify that these street sweeping zones are, in fact, tow away zones.

The street sweeping season runs from April through November. In 2010, a total of 124,055 tickets were issued to street sweeping violators. Denver Public Works estimates that those tickets brought in $3.1 million.

There are resources available to remind drivers of the street sweeping days for each street in Denver. The city has set up an email notification system that Denver residents can sign up for. People who sign up for the emails can get a reminder either the day before sweeping occurs on a certain street or on that same day as sweeping. About 2,300 people have already signed up to use these email alerts. To sign up for these email alerts, visit:

A Denver marketing company called Honest Bros. has also created a text alert system to notify drivers. It's free to sign up, but standard text messaging rates apply. Honest Bros. says that it started the text messaging system a couple years ago to save people money during the economic recession. Honest Bros. says drivers can enter as many streets as they like and when they would like to be reminded that street sweeping is coming up. The company says about 1,100 people have already signed up for these text alerts. For more information on these text alerts, visit:

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