Veterinarian: Don't let your dogs eat mushrooms

9:20 PM, Aug 13, 2011   |    comments
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Take the Lynn family, for example.

They were headed up to the mountains for their annual family vacation, but this time they added a furry family member, Champ, a 13-week-old puppy the family had gotten three weeks ago.

"We have been going up to the same campground for 16 years, and I have never seen a mushroom up there," David Lynn said.

This year, with the amount of rain Colorado has seen, toxic mushrooms are everywhere.

Champ, being a curious pup, found the wrong one to bite into.

"I noticed him acting strange. His feet started going out from under him, he couldn't stand. He was drooling so much. We didn't think he was going to make it," Lynn said.

The Lynn's rushed Champ to the Evergreen Animal Hospital emergency clinic.

"We are seeing [these types of incidents] fairly frequently, almost daily," Dr. David Robinson, Medical Director for Evergreen Animal Hospital, said.

Robinson says one type of common red-colored mushroom affects the liver and ultimately leads to death.

The other type, which can be white or brown, causes tremors, elevated body temps, seizures and can lead to brain damage if the body temperature goes too high. Typically, this type of mushroom poisoning can be treated.

The veterinarian believes Champ ate a white or brown mushroom. He stayed an overnight at the hospital where he was treated, and went through induced vomiting, IV's, and sedation.

Champ is doing great now, and he truly is living up to his name.

The Lynn's say Champ's symptoms came on within 15 minutes, but because they were able to get him to the vet within an hour, that's the reason he was able to bounce back so fast.

However, the trip to the vet came with a whopping bill of $500 plus.

Eating toxic mushrooms is also dangerous for people.

Doctors say, depending on the type that is ingested and the amount, poisonous mushrooms can cause tremors, seizures, a drastic change in body temperature, liver damage and/or death in people as well.

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