Man shoots and kills bear found in cabin

10:04 PM, Sep 4, 2011   |    comments
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The man's name is John. At the time of the interview, authorities did not have his last name.

A volunteer with the Colorado Division Parks & Wildlife says John made a few bad decisions Thursday when he decided to unload more than a dozen bullets on the bear.

It started early in the afternoon, when John returned to his cabin from the grocery store. Instead of putting his food away, Jayne Znijewskie, with the Division of Parks & Wildlife, says he left it out. On top of that, he also left the windows to his cabin down.

"It's a tragic situation and it should never have happened," Znijewskie said.

Znijewskie says John went out for a few drinks in the evening and returned to find a bear in kitchen going through his food.

"The bear was afraid and tried running away," she said.

Instead of letting the bear run away, like authorities say he should have, John decided to grab his gun and chase it.

The bear, Znijewskie says, was about 30 to 40 yards away from John.

"He continued to shoot multiple rounds off. He hit it at least 6 or 7 times," Znijewskie said. "We're really upset with these people. They acted irresponsibly and made poor decisions and poor judgment."

At least one of John's neighbors supported his decision.

"A person, a human, can come in your house and it's legal to shoot him. But a bear comes in to your house and it's not legal to shoot them? You have to protect your family," Gene Williams said.

When we tried to interview John, he ran inside his cabin and shut the door. About 20 minutes later, a family member approached us and said John was upset about the incident.

"It's not a good situation for our family," the family member said.

It's unclear what sort of legal actions will be taken against John. Possible charges could be filed.

He's expected to return to Nebraska on Monday.

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