Teaching children how to get rid of stress

6:26 PM, Dec 29, 2011   |    comments
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She believes it can be a sign of stress.

"It's just that the child has so much stress accumulated in their body, they don't know how to sit still," she said.

That's why she created the nonprofit Glowmundo and launched a new, 20-week pilot program at Force Elementary School.

"Maybe their parents are unemployed. Or maybe their parents have to work three jobs just to sustain the household. So all of these little things stress children. Even though we adults might try to keep everything in control and make things work OK, kids are feeling it," Bataille Popeil said.

She knows firsthand how much of a toll stress can take on a child.

"I grew up in the inner city of Caracas, which is considered the second-most violent city in the world," she said.

To get the stress out, she says it's best to move the energy out any way you can. That could be banging drums or using music - even tapping themselves steadily on the head.

"The constant tapping is relieving stress from the child," Bataille Popeil said. "That is sending signals through the spinal cord for the body to calm down."

She also uses deep breathing and yoga to help calm the children and teach them how to lose stress in the future.

"They know that they are having a bad moment, but they know how to manage that moment," she said.

She says taking time to reflect and writing in a journal can help the children who have a hard time focusing.

"Success for us is a child that's open to learn and excited to wake up in the morning," she said.

Glowmundo also focuses part of its program on training parents and teachers how to create a calm environment for kids. The nonprofit relies heavily on grants to be able to travel to different schools.

There's already a book on Glowmundo and Bataille Popeil hopes to eventually expand into music and Web downloads.

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