One student gets creative to pay for college

6:15 PM, Jan 17, 2012   |    comments
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The annual base tuition prices for this current academic year among a few Colorado public institutions, including a grant from the College Opportunity Fund, are as follows:

• $7,672 for University of Colorado Boulder Arts and Sciences (costs may vary based on major).

• $6,307 for Colorado State University

• $5,300 for University of Northern Colorado

• $3,809 for Metropolitan State College of Denver

Those prices are rising.

The median income among Americans has hovered around $33,000 since 1988.
College tuition and fees have more than doubled since then.

Now, college students have to come up with new ways to pay for college.

John Stickle is a sophomore at Front Range Community College, where students pay an average of $3,175. His room is filled with equations, numbers and science books.

"I've wanted to go into physics my whole life. I am fascinated by it. I would really like to prove string theory," Stickle said.

He's working towards getting accepted into the physics department at CU Boulder.

But like many students, Stickle is paying for his college education on his own and it's becoming increasingly difficult.

"It's really hard to pay for school these days. It doesn't look like there are any other options when financial aid isn't helping and the banks won't give you a loan," Stickle said.

Stickle had an idea - but to make the idea become reality, he needed to take a big risk.

"I had to sell my coin collection, my desk. I had to pawn all my furniture and then just go get cheaper stuff at Goodwill," he said.

He sold almost everything he owns so he could buy a Mac computer and an iPad.

With the new technology, he started his own software business and taught himself how to develop apps for the iPhone and iPad.

"I went to the library and got a whole bunch of books and taught myself how to write copy. It's like an entirely different language," he said.

Stickle's first app is being released this week. It's called Girlfriend 411.

"It will send you a notification when [your girlfriend/boyfriend, wife/husband]'s birthday, anniversary, etc. is coming up, so you never forget. I have just noticed that it's a common problem," Stickle said.

Stickle says he's not speaking from personal experience.

"I'm actually pretty good at that stuff," he said.

Once the $.99 app is released, Stickle will get 70 percent of every purchase, all of which he says, will go towards education.

"I'm hoping this pays off. And I am hoping to continue to develop apps as a way to put me through school," Stickle said.

If you are looking for a way to pay for college, there are some resources available.

Experts say every college student should apply for FASFA no matter what their household income is. The application process opened on Jan. 1 at  

More information about grants, scholarships and specific information about Colorado schools can be found at  

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