Teens find stack of Rockies tickets and do the right thing

5:57 PM, Apr 11, 2012   |    comments
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The three boys found a stack of Colorado Rockies tickets worth more than $1,500. They asked 9NEWS to help them find the rightful owners.

Alex Mastro, Eamon Duffy and Ben Capra were approached by a jogger near the Wellshire Golf Club around 5 p.m. on Monday. That's near Colorado Boulevard and Hampden Avenue in south Denver.

"We saw her right at that bush, and she just asked us if they were our tickets," Eamon said.

The jogger told the boys she had just passed a stack of tickets in the middle of Floyd Drive.

"We found them like right here in the middle of the road," Alex said pointing to the ground.

There were three tickets each to 14 home games.

"Maybe like a family with one kid because there are three of them," Ben wondered.

It was 42 Rockies tickets total, all bound together by rubber bands.

The teens asked the nearest homeowner if they belonged to her. She said no, but commended them for wanting to find the rightful owners.

"Some kids would have just kept them, free Rockies tickets, you know?" Ben said.

"It's a lot of money right there, I think it's good that we didn't even take one ticket out. We left them all in," Eamon said.

The tickets the boys found aren't for just any seats. They're right behind home plate, just four rows up.

"I hope they get them back I was telling them, those are pretty expensive tickets," Mike Mastro, Alex's father, said.

At $38 apiece, the stack is worth about $1,600.

"I'm really proud of them doing the right thing, they took the initiative to pick up the tickets and get them to the right owner," Mike Mastro said.

9NEWS told the Rockies about the stack of tickets the boys found and the team got in touch with the season ticket holder.

She confirmed the location of the seats with 9NEWS. The owner says she sells the tickets to two friends. The two men split the tickets. One of them lives in the neighborhood where the boys live and apparently dropped the tickets.

The boys and the owners are going to meet up on Monday night to exchange the tickets.

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