NCAA says Missy Franklin didn't have to return Justin Bieber's gift

4:59 PM, Dec 6, 2012   |    comments
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On Wednesday, we shared the story of how the Olympic gold medalist returned a care package from Bieber due to fears that the gift could leave her ineligible to swim for Cal next year.

Not true, says the NCAA.

"We applaud Missy Franklin's commitment to amateurism, but Bieber Fever is allowed under NCAA rules," spokeswoman Stacey Osburn said.

Since Bieber is known to give gifts to fans, Franklin wasn't considered to be receiving special treatment. Thus, there was no violation of NCAA rules.

The pop star sent Franklin the package this summer after hearing she liked his music.

"It was really sweet of him," Franklin explained to ESPN's Wayne Drehs. "But it was considered a form of special treatment that could have jeopardized my amateur status. I've given up way too much and sacrificed too much to keep a Justin Bieber T-shirt and lose it all. So I sent it back."

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