Gunfire hits family home three times in a week

6:37 PM, Apr 23, 2013   |    comments
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ADAMS COUNTY - The Bowen family moved to a rural portion of Adams County for the peace and quiet. They closed on the home on March 29. Two days later their home was anything but peaceful.

"We came in Easter Sunday morning and there was glass all over the dining room floor and we realized there was a bullet hole in the window and the bullet was lying on the floor across the dining room," Sharon Bowen said.

The Bowen family asked a neighbor who lives several hundred yards away about whether they had seen or heard anything. The Bowens say the neighbor suggested a gun range located 1.7 miles to the north may have been the source of the bullet.

They say the neighbor told them that a shed on his property had been hit with a bullet in the past.

"Having a bullet in your dining room, come through your window really was alarming," Robert Bowen said.

Two days later the family discovered a bullet had hit the side of their garage. Three days after that a bullet hit the family's porch.

After each incident the family called the Adams County Sheriff's office and filed reports. Investigators collected evidence from the family home and contacted the land owner about the gun range.

In the incident report the investigators said, "The Bowen's house could not be seen from any vantage point at the range so it is impossible to determine which shooting position(s) and target positions(s) aligned with the home. But all positions and targets aligned in that general direction."

In the same incident report it is stated that the land owner agreed to cease all use of high powered rifles at the gun range.

In a statement released to 9NEWS the Adams County Sheriff's Office said, "This case is still ongoing and we are treating this investigation seriously. The safety of all Adams County residents is always a priority. We are working diligently to have a resolution to this issue."

9NEWS spoke by telephone with gun club president who said he does not believe the bullets that hit the Bowen home came from his gun range.

The family says until it can be determined where the bullets are coming from and the matter is resolved, they are uncomfortable in their own home.

"We feel like it is a lottery. Eventually the number is going to come up. Eventually it is going to hit a person and not property," Sharon Bowen said.

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