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TECH TUESDAY: 3 interesting tech startups in Colorado

7:34 AM, Oct 8, 2013   |    comments
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KUSA - 9NEWS' Gregg Moss sat down with Scott Yates to take a look at three "buzzworthy" Colorado startups.

The three companies fall into three categories, "Early, but Interesting," "Colorado's Own" and "Crushing It," which is a Colorado company that's doing really well in the marketplace.

First up is the a new company that is "Early, but Interesting" called SoundWall. This is part of a group of interesting hardware companies, and this one actually has a consumer product that's manufactured right here in Colorado, in downtown Boulder in fact. This product is a beautiful piece of artwork and the artwork is printed on a high-tech membrane that becomes the actual speaker. The stunning artwork of each SoundWall piece can work in a home or an office, and customers can even commission their own pieces, featuring photos of their children, or any other image. Music plays from a variety of sources, including iTunes, Pandora and Spotify and uses the Raspberry Pi device as the computer brains behind the beauty of the art.

For the "Colorado's Own" category, we're featuring a company known as PaySimple. Sometimes when you buy something online, you go to PayPal to make the payment. But eventually a business wants to collect the payment right on the site, and when that happens those companies often turn to PaySimple because the businesses don't handle credit cards, etc., it's PaySimple that does that in the background. Many of you have probably used them bunches of times and not even known it, and they're based right in LoDo. With PaySimple, businesses can be free to accept many different forms of payments, all running through the same system. Credit cards, debit cards and e-checks can be processed quickly and efficiently. Also, billing and invoicing can be set up as automated processes, which gives businesses more time to take care of more important things.

Finally, for our "Crushing It" category, we have Photobucket, a company that's quickly becoming a household name all around the world. Photobucket is a service that allows users to upload and share photos and videos with their friends on social networks, as well as on various websites and forums. Photobucket has 100 million registered users, and there have been 14 billion photos and videos uploaded by those users. Each day, Photobucket serves out more than 3 billion image requests to over 3 million different websites. That's a lot of photos. Those who use Photobucket enjoy its ease of use, as well as the ability to add various details to their pictures and even change how they look entirely. Keep an eye on Photobucket. Chances are good that they'll have some really interesting new features that make it easier than ever to store and share photos that we are all taking from our mobile devices all the time.

These profiles were written by BlogMutt, a place to buy blog posts for your company. Scott Yates, founder of BlogMutt, picks the companies to be profiled. To suggest hot, tech startups for him to feature in future installments, contact him via his blog: Scott, or better yet go and pitch to one of the startup events in Denver or Boulder.

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