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Four-legged friends offer comfort at Arapahoe High School

7:07 PM, Dec 19, 2013   |    comments
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LITTLETON - There is nothing we can really say to get rid of the pain of what happened at Arapahoe High School Friday. But the simple things bring comfort, like being together or just getting a hug.

Jake and Emerson are really good at hugs. One look at them, and you simply can't resist.

Daniel Sievert brought Jake and Emerson to Arapahoe High School from California.

"Emerson is giving you his good loving greet, he's Mr. Love," said owner Daniel Sievert. "Jake is giving you his standing hug, that's his trademark. You got double blush because they don't normally go to one person at one time."

Forty years ago Sievert nearly died in an electrocution and since then, he's wanted to spread the message of hope.

"In April of this year I had an inspiration," Sievert said, "Call it a word from God; it was basically a one word marching order two days after Boston to go help the Boston Marathon bombing victims."

Sievert was on his way to the Midwest, stopping in a Golden hotel, when the shooting happened Friday.

"When we started traveling I found out what kind of talent they have for coming along side people who are suffering and hurting, traumatized by various events," Sievert said. "They're my two best missionaries I call them."

Sievert said the trio has taken six or seven trips across the country, visiting Boston and Newtown, Conn.

The dogs have not been certified as therapy dogs. Sievert calls them "comfort dogs" and he's trained them himself.

The threesome has spent a lot of time at Arapahoe High School, at the site of Claire Davis' tribute.

"We're praying for Claire, we're praying for you guys," Sievert told visitors.

Mickey Liebrecht said she knows Claire, they took forensics together.

Liebrecht was overrun by Jake and Emerson, puppy love style.

"Oh my, you're flanked on both sides," Sievert laughed, "I'm telling ya, it doesn't happen every day. Jake, Jake, the poor girl can't sit, move over a little bit."

"They made me laugh, which is something I haven't done in a while," Liebrecht said. "It's a good idea, having these guys here, it's a really good idea."

Hannah Chorpenning is 13 and goes to a different school. She came to the tribute site to bring Claire a letter.

"I felt the need to just help and this is a really hard time for everyone," she said. "I just wanted to come and pray for her."

9NEWS found Chorpenning sitting on the ground surrounded by dogs.

"They just help with my emotions and make me feel so happy, they're just cuddle buddies," Chorpenning said.

"This is what we do, this is our mission: bring some joy to everybody going through all this," Sievert said.

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