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A luxury RV was brought into the 9NEWS Backyard for a huge edition of gadgets. The Colorado RV Adventure Travel Show is being held Wednesday through Saturday from 10:30 to 9:30 at the Colorado Convention Center. Admission is $8 and more information can be found at

The Rubik's Cube is back for the 2006 holiday season as an option to give kids of all ages a mental workout. Part of the renewed interest in it, is due Tyson Mao. He's ranked as one of the world's top speed cubers, founded the World Cube Association and helped train Will Smith in how to work the cube for the upcoming movie Pursuit Of Happyness.

He can solve the cube in under 20 seconds. But don't feel bad if it takes you a while. And if you need help, click on

Suduku Hand-Held Puzzle

If the Rubik's Cube is not your thing, how about the touch screen Sudoku from the New York Times. Sudoku has taken the puzzle world by storm. The Times has partnered up with Magellan's to create this handheld device. It contains 835 puzzles selected by the newspaper's on-staff expert Will Shortz.

Tekno-Robotic Puppy

One of the top selling toys from 2000 is back: Toyquest's Tekno-Robotic puppy. This version uses the latest artificial intelligence technology including more emotions, plus additional touch, sight and sound sensors. This year's Tekno communicates all the emotions of a live puppy; you can select from a variety of colors such as white, black, dalmation or silver. For more information, try or call 1-800-434-6178.

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Radica Snowboarder

Radica's Snowboarder is great for kids who know how to cruise down the halfpipe,hit the lip, bust some huge air, lose it and end up rolling down the windows.The game is controlled by a plastic snowboard that rocks back and forth on a controller. There are four different games for ages 8 and up. Our kids, Gary and Kyle, gave it a whirl on morning tv. Plugs right into your TV or VCR.


Mattel: Hot Wheels Radar Gun, Terrordactyl Track Set, NSECT Attack Robot, High School Musical DVD Game

The Hot Wheels Radar Gun gives kids the chance to read the speed of their favorite Hot Wheels racing cars using the gun's point-and-read display. It comes with two modes and can clock other fast things besides cars, like baseballs.

Also new from Hot Wheels, the Terrordactyl Track Set as kids race to blast a flying pterodactyl out of the sky while avoiding erupting volcanos.

We also checked out Tyco's remote controlled Robot Attack N.S.E.C.T. It looks like a weird cross between a tank and a tick. It has six legs, glowing eyes, and snapping jaws in front. The N.S.E.C.T. comes with a gatling gun-style missile launcher that pops up from under its hard, wing-like cover. The missiles are made of light foam with soft, suction cup tips. There's also a pincher-like "power claw" in front that can grab and hold some objects.

Fans of Disney's popular High School Musical might want a new DVD board game. It features video clips from the movie, plus original outtakes and all the song and dances as kids compete in four categories: outtakes, song, dance..and relationships.The goal is to be the first one to make your way around the school for the final call back audition to win!

Jessica Simpson Hair Extensions

Jessica Simpson and her hair stylist are out with a new line of clip-in hair extensions; they come in more than a dozen different shades and are all made of 100 percent human hair. They let you copy Jessica's "confident breathtaking style."

Bloom Designs Stationery

Bloom Designs is a stationery company offering boxed stationery, notepads, invitations, and apparel for women. The stationery designs include golf, tennis, fashion and custom illustrations.All of the stationery can be personalized.

Solar Charger

Fom a company called Solio comes a new kind of solar charger. It has three portable solar panels that can power your cell phone, iPod and Palm from anywhere.The charger fans out to catch rays, then folds to stow away. It provides up to 14 hours of play time per charge and comes with a pack of adapters to fit all your gadgets.

Edible Chocolate Ornaments

From the Red Envelope Company comes chocolate ornaments, you can eat. This was a 19th century tradition to make edible ornaments. You can revive that tradition with this set of milk-chocolate tree-trimmers.

Wrapped in silver and gold foil each comes with a metal topper, ribbon and hangtag that denotes one of the 12 days of Christmas.

Moon Shoes

Moon Shoes are like mini- trampolines for the feet. They let kids jump bounce, hop and leap. They teach balance and coordination and other astronaut skills. Tits up to a men's shoe size 9 and supports a maximum weight of 180 pounds. Big Time Toys 1-800-419-3810 x 216.

"American Pies G Collection" by Godiva


Godiva Chocolatiers took the flavors of America's most loved pies and transformed them into artistic, culinary couture just in time for the holidays. The new collection consists of eight pie flavors, created by world renowned pastry chief, Norman Love. The flavors include apple crumb, banana cream, pecan and strawberry. The company did some test marketing in Colorado and found that most people liked apple crumb best. The American Pies G Collection is available at your local Godiva Chocolatier.


Custom Creative Candles


Custom Creative Candles has been in business for two years and continues to grow. They can transfer your photo, wedding invitation, baby birth announcement or anything digital and put it on a candle. For more information check out


Young Entrepreneurs Marketplace


Every year the Young Americans Center for Financial Education hold a marketplace that features products from some very talented young folks. The Young Entrepreneurs Marketplace takes place on Saturday in Denver and next Saturday in Lakewood. Check for details.


Some of the contributors include Scott, 13, and Adam, 14, who started a company called Photofusion. They sell photographs, framed or on stationary. Ten-year-old Jason started Jason's Body Works, he sells soaps in many colors and shapes. Jason also makes flavored lip balm.


Fourteen year-olds Maya and Kenna created Kaya Kreations. They make angel ornaments from pasta, which are painted white and decorated. And finally, the brother and sister team of Alison, 13 and Steven, 7, create paperclip bracelets – inspired by the film "Paperclip."


Follies Of Science, Guitar Slides, Cowboy Art & "Hands On" Bike Seats


Each month Colorado Biz Magazine, features Colorado-made products in the "Colorado Cool Stuff" section.  "Follies of Science" is a book published by Denver based Speck Press. The 128 page book covers how the world was supposed to look in 2006 based on predictions from the 40's and 50's. Mark Ludy is an award winning author from Windsor. You can find the "Follies of Science" at


Salida-based Rocky Mountain Slides create guitar slides and tone bars. These are hand crafted ceramics, made by Todd Sigmier and his dad Robert. They are dipped into special high-fire glaze that they say makes an unparalleled sound.


Michael Garman is a well-known sculptor from Colorado Springs. He has over 250 sculptors of working people and western characters including several cowboys. His work is on display at his gallery on 2418 W. Colorado Ave. in Colorado Springs.


A work of art for your bike, A-M LLC has hands for your seat called "Hands On." It is a fully functional bike seat with grip fit. The hands are flared to accommodate all sized riders. They are strong and flexible. If you want one, checkout


Chris Byrne: Toy Guy


SmartVille - Alphabet Train Station


While other play sets are only for play, this smart set fuels your child's imagination with interactive Smart Parts. 25 "Smart Parts" talk and teach when they are placed in fun hot spots throughout the station. And the learning continues all the way down the track! Wind the hands on the station clock to learn time. Identify letters and their sounds on the light-up display, or move the train across the electronic track to hear the alphabet. Check out for more information.


Little Leaps - Grow-with-Me Learning System


Little Leaps Grow-with-Me Learning System has a library of interactive learning discs specifically designed to work with activity controller as it transforms. Baby titles work only in Baby Mode and Toddler titles work only in Toddler Mode so that your child is exposed to the age-appropriate learning concepts at the correct time and pacing. Simply flip over the top of the activity controller to transform from Baby Mode to Toddler Mode! For more information check out


Baby Alive


Originally introduced in 1973, the much-loved Baby Alive doll is back to play with a whole new generation of little girls. She still "eats" and "poops", and now she's more "life-like" than ever. Best of all, your little girl is sure to love playing "mommy" to this special doll as much as you did years ago. Check out for more information.



Barbie - My Scene: Fab Face


Each doll has an, innovative, one-of-a-kind movable face feature that allows girls to create five different expressions on the dolls' faces - from frowns to smirks and smiles! Each doll comes with a super glam, ultra stylish lace and glitter dress and her outfit is topped off with accessories no diva can live without - a furry boa, a sparkling tiara, and glittering jewelry! Checkout for more information.


Roboreptile is a fully articulated dino model from Hammacher Schlemmer. He uses advanced infrared vision and sonic sensors that alert him to disturbances in his environment. In guard mode he turns into an imposing sentry. In free roam his sharp sensory systems make him a ruthless predator. Roboreptile can be extremely hostile or harmless, alert or asleep.

He's built to display four different moods: aggressive, ferocious, passive or tame. Roboreptile runs about $90 bucks.

What's New In Wireless Phones

Once he put the Roboreptile away, Gregg talked wireless phones with Cingular's Reegan Moen, including Cingular's new Sync, Blackjack and LG-CU500. He also showed off new models of wireless headphones, external speakers and a new bluetooth device that may be the tiniest yet.

Colorado Inventor's Showcase

The Colorado Inventor's Showcase is sponsored by

We looked at several made-in-Colorado gadgets:

Face Lift Stylus -
Company:  The Body Stylus
Inventor:  Corey Engelen
Description:  Hand-held electric acupuncture device

Credit Card Size Reading Glasses -
Company:  Eyes For You, Inc.
Inventor:  Pat Herman
Description:  Reading glasses you keep in your wallet like a credit card

RevFire -
Company:  RevFire
Inventor: Dave Marinelli
Description:  Device to measures speed and spin rate of baseballs

Platinum Health Cream -
Company:  Magneticare
Inventor:  Bob Kirschbaum
Description:  Health cream formulated from a magnetic liquid, designed to control pain as well as heal the body.

Blue Man Group Instruments

Now you can play just like one of the strangest, cutting edge musical groups to ever grace a stage. The Blue Man Group now has their own line of instruments, including Percussion Tubes and The Keyboard Experience that mimics many of their famous sounds. Check for details.

Gamer Gadgets

The popular Dance Dance Revolution line is out with DDR Universe, the latest edition of a game that gives you a workout as you try to keep up with the steps on-screen.This one has better graphics, new tunes and a new X-Box Live mode so you can dance online with others. For details, click on:

Also new, Test-Drive Unlimited rom Atari which includes a chance to zip up and down the Oahu coast in a wide range of virtual sports cars. Check:

Zune Debut

Microsoft's answer to the Ipod has made its debut. The Zune Digital Media Player's big selling point is its ability to wirelessly share music and pictures with other nearby Zune users. A song takes about 15 seconds to transfer, but any transferred song will disappear after three plays or three days. Photographs, can remain indefinitely. Microsoft says the ability to share makes the zune more 'friendly' than its competition.

One Click Butter Cutter

The One Click Butter Cutter holds and slices butter with just a squeeze. The gadget easily loads a complete stick of butter or margarine and takes up less shelf space in the frig. You can easily clean it in a dishwasher.

Wi-Ex ZBoost Cell Zone Signal Booster

The Wi-Ex zBoost Cell Zone Signal Booster. This improves indoor cell phone coverage by grabbing the signal and boosting it. It allows you to program the frequency based on your wireless carrier. The company also claims this will work in your office or car as well.

Hd-2000 Pro Ipod Headphones

Tired of generic headphones that don't fit your ears? The HD-2000 Pro Ipod Headphones mold to your ear (just like the anchor earpieces Gary, Kyle, Gregg, Susie and Nick wear) and are very comfortable. They'll also stay in your ear regardless of movement and are great for excercising. They start at $220.

Flower Pods

If you don't want to spend the cash on the headphones, check out a cool new Ipod speaker. This is a flower pod speaker; very colorful. Just hook up to an Ipod, MP3 player or CD player. Check Target for this one. $12.99

Bedtime Safari Storybook & Slippers

We also looked at some fun bedttime slippers for little ones who have trouble going to sleep. Each pair comes with their own set of headlights. There's a storybook too. A team of child specialists helped develop both items as a way to end negative bedtime routine behaviors.

Halloween Fun

All of the items come from K'Mart's Totally Ghoul line of spooky accessories. First up, the 3 foot-tall Crow's Caged Pirate. A little less scary are a couple of stuffed porch stansions; great for little kids. There's a kitty dressed as a pumpkin, and a friendly witch.

Next we went across the studio to show off the latest Halloween inflatables, including a 7-foot-long pirate ship piloted by skeletons and an 8-foot-tall rotating globe. This crystal ball contains two spirits; outside is a graveyard scene.

Behind them, we featured the very back is the floating ghost; you hang it between two poles or trees and let gravity take over as it flies between them.

Handmade Photo Albums, Lampshades & More

A Colorado business featured in the pages of ColoradoBiz Magazine was the focus of this gadget segment. is where you'll find all kinds of carefully crafted photo albums using Italian Tiziano papers, decorative Japanese bookcloth and papers and neutral adhesives to protect your photos. They also offer handmade photo lampshades, photo totes and handbags.

Vanilla Porter 

Also from ColoradoBiz Magazine Breckenridge Brewery has a new brew out called Vanilla Porter. It was sold for years at the brew pub and has found quite a following.For more information check out

Spot of tea anyone?

High Country Kombu-Cha Tea is brewed in Eagle, Colorado, and available at Whole Foods and health stores.

This is brewed from the Manchurian Mushroom found in the Himalayas and has been around for thousands of years, a lot of people like it because of the energy boost they get.

The founder of the company discovered it after falling off a roof in 1990.  He claims it helped him recover.

It sells for $6 to $7 per 16-ounce bottle.

For more information check out

Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard

This product may be as neat as it sounds.  This product projects a laser image of a keyboard on any flat surface and allows you to type as it sends the information to your PDA or Cell Phone.  The Laser Virtual Keyboard can approach typing speeds of a standard keyboard while its size remains compact.

Cool It Chiller

Keep your drink cold while sitting at your computer with the Cool It Chiller.  This compact beverage cooler is powered by the USB plug on your computer port.  It is compatible with a PC, Mac, XBox 360 or PS2.

Kill A Watt

This electricity usage monitor promises to help you save hundreds of dollars in electric bills.  Simply plug and appliance into the Kill A Watt and it will assess how efficient they really are.  It also gives you the ability to calculate how much money you are spending on electricity down to the day.

Shower Shock+

Get a real wake-up call each morning with caffeinated soap.  Shower Shock is vegetable based to is gentle on the skin, however, do not eat it.  The caffeine is absorbed through the skin.

Hot Wheels Crash Dumper

In what may be the strangest toy design in modern history, the Hot Wheels folks have come up with the Hot Wheels Crash Dumper; it's part of their Incredible Crash Dummies series. It's a porta-potty truck that crashes and throws the dummies out of the vehicle and according to the box "plays hilarious toilet and crashing sounds."

This is for kids five and up.

Tyco Airblade

The Airblade is a high-performance hover craft that can skim over all kinds of surfaces. It uses digital radio control to spin like a demon. This toy is for for kids six and up; batteries and charger are included.

Online Halloween Costumes

If you need a last minute costume check out

We put together a mini-fashion show to highlight their popular Outhouse, Tightey-Whitey, Blushing Bride With Head Clinger and Chick Magnet costumes.

Bedtime Beats

Can't sleep? Try Bedtime Beats. This is the first-ever classical music package, based on the science of helping people get to sleep. It was created in response to an investigational study at Case Western Reserve University supporting classical music as a sleep remedy. The study found that soothing music--specifically music with a tempo of 60-80 beats per minute--resulted in significantly better sleep quallity and longer sleep duration.

The music includes works by Bach, Tchaikovsky, Debussy, Chopin and Mozart. The music was mastered to reduce variations in tempo and volume. Users are supposed to listen daily for at least two weeks at the outset, then begin listening to the CD's at least 15 minutes before bedtime for the best benefit.


Ski season is just getting started; a local family has come up with something to make walking in ski boots easier, safer and faster. They call it the Walk-EZ. It attaches to the soles of your ski boots, giving extra traction and leveling out the walk, even when going up and down ski lodge stairs.

They come in both child and adult sizes.

Electric Pumpkin Carving Kit

Carve the best pumpkin in your neighborhood with the pumpkin carving kit from Dremel. The kits comes with patterns you place on the pumpkin; the electric carving tool makes it easy to carve the pattern in minutes.

Popular Mechanics: Breakthrough Tech

Each year, the editors at Popular Mechanics choose what they call "breakthrough tech." One of the awards this year is going to some Dartmouth College engineering students who came up with the Gyro Bike. It's designed to help first-time bike riders stay upright, without training wheels. They placed a flywheel inside the front wheel. Once its set to spinning with the spin of a drill, it helps the wheel resist tipping. It's not on the market yet, but they have had some interest from bike-makers.

Also on the Popular Mechanics list: The Big Dog. Engineers at Boston Dynamics have created a strange creature with furry legs, gyros and pistons. It's not for a monster movie. This Big Dog was designed for use as a possible mechanical pack mule for the military to haul heavy loads in high-risk areas. In video testing, they're shown kicking the Big Dog to check its stability on rough terrain. For more information, check

Universal I-Pod Navigator/Skooba Skin

Using this device you can charge and play your I-Pod in your car. The charging device contains a digital transmitter which broadcasts to your in-dash stereo; it connects to all I-Pods. Cost: $35. 

We also showed the Skooba Skin which makes transporting your laptop very easy and efficient. It has a fold-and-tuck closure system that converts it from a laptop tote to a padded computer insert for easy storage inside another bag. It closes with velcro. They have 4 different colors to choose from. Cost ranges from $35 to $40 depending on the size you order.

Both items can be found at

Eclipse 2 Illuminated Keyboard

This computer keyboard features back-lit keys through laser etching. It has adjustable angle and wrist rest, but the colors are what makes this cool; you can select three different colors. Blue, red and purple.

Back Seat Organizer For Kids

A local company, Family Travel Gear, came up with the Talus back seat organizer for kids. It stores toys, snacks and games in one convenient organizer. Cost: $25.

Lumalive Clothing

You can make a real fashion statement with clothes that glow with moving patterns. Some new technology called Lumalive makes it happen. Designers have integrated micro-sized diodes into fabric. The diodes change shape, color and size, allowing you to wear clothing that carries moving text messages, patterns and colors.

They say the diodes don't affect the softness or comfort of the fabric. They're hoping to hit store shelves within the next year.

For more details visit

More Halloween Fun

An online company called Lighterside has all kinds of creepy things for Halloween. Remember Billy Bob Teeth for adults? They have a baby version now: Billy Bob For Babies; pop this bucktoothed pacifer in your tot, and he'll be looking Hillbilly proud in a Tennessee minute.

Then there's the old crashing-through-the-ceiling gag; this comes complete with instructions on how to mount it on your ceiling.

Everyone needs a ghoulish hand door knocker on Halloween night; this one is motion activated of course. Also for your door, the animated oversized bloodshot eyeball complete with red optic nerves to hang it. The crawling green monster hand was a hit on the 9News set. It makes eerie crawling sounds and is sound activated.

Gary munched down a cricket last week as part of fundraiser for the Butterfly Pavilion. Well munch on this pal: a roach the size of a small dog. Were Gary to actually chow down, it would take him a long time. This guy's made of rubber.

Finally, fresh from the sewers, a remote control rat, complete with flashing red eyes on fur.

Screaming Cell Phone

A technology company in London has started to sell a phone that screams if it's ever stolen. All the owner has to do is contact the call center to report the phone has been stolen, then the company locks the phone's screen so it can't be used, and they make the phone emit a terrible screaming noise.

For more information, check:

I-Gallop Exerciser

Susie Wargin took a ride on the new Osim-I-Gallop Core and Abs Excerciser. This comes from Brookstone at Flatiiron Crossing. The I-Gallop helps shape and tone your tummy, hips, seat and thighs. The secret is in the zero-impact, Tri-Axial Riding Action. Your body automatically responds to the movement, and the balancing engages certain muscle groups.

Work out while you watch tv and let I-Gallop do the rest. $500.

Fright Light Flashlight & Swami Spirit Ball

Halloween is fast approaching; for the next couple of weeks we'll be showing off some frightening gadgets. From the Discovery Channel store at Flatiron Crossing comes the Fright Light Flashlight. It has 8-built-in sound effects from a witch's cackle to a ghost's moan. The interactive light responds to the chosen sound effect. It can also be used as a normal flashlight. $20.

Also from the Discovery Channel store, the animated Swami Spirit Ball. This is your very own talking fortune-teller. The globe activates with a motion sensor and then the floating head responds. The Swami has folded wrinkly skin and illuminated eyes with multi-colored flashing lights. $50.

Medical Passport

This gadget is from a local inventor. The Medical Passport is a portable electronic storage device you put on a keychain. It uses flash memory to record vital medical information. All you have to do is pop the passport into a USB port on your computer. A window appears and you fill out your immunization history, allergy information, even choices about living wills. There's a website component too.

The idea here is to have something handy that doctors can use in emergencies when you can't communicate, but it's also a quick and easy way to get your medical information into the hands of providers for those routine office visits too.

Special Edition Scooter

Scooters are very "in" here in Denver. Now, you can get one that helps out the fight against breast cancer. Kyle was out in the 9News parking lot riding on the Hope Scooter by Schwinn. You can buy one right now for $1,500 and a portion of the sale will go to the Komen Foundation.

You also have the chance to win one if you text message a donation during the Race For The Cure on October 8th. (We'll explain more about that on 9News 6 a.m. in the next few days). Another one of these scooters will be auctioned off at the Pink Tie Affair; a benefit in November.  

Hi Tech Toothbrush

To keep your teeth clean a new toothbrush from the folks at Oral-B is on the market. It's called the Triumph Professional Care 9400. This has a combination floss-action and micro-pulse system. They say it cleans as effectively as brushing and flossing with some 40-thousand pulsations a minute. This brush allows you to customize your brushing with 4 settings: clean, soft, massage and polish. It even has a built in timer so you can brush the dental-recommended 2-minutes.

Oral-B claims you will see superior whitening and polishing in 21 days.

Tailgate Fun

We found lots of stuff for the Tailgate Crowd at the Super Target in Glendale. The tailgaters hitch cover/bottle opener is so hot they can't keep it in stock, especially the Broncos edition.

Here's another item they can't keep around long: the Broncos Folding Stadium Seat. What makes this unique is the fact that it comes with its own beverage holder toward the bottom. Very lightweight and comfortable.

Sharper Image Stuff

From Sharper Image in Cherry Creek, you won't miss any of the action on the field with the world's most powerful bincoculars. It zooms from 20X to 140X magnification with a slide of a switch. To give you a comparison, a lot of binoculars are 7X magnification, and amateur telescopes are often 85X.

Something new to keep last night's leftovers fresh; they say the "Fresher-Longer" containers are the most amazing advance in food storage since the refrigerator. The specially-designed containers are infused with antimicrobial silver nano-particles that reduce growth of bacteria by 98%.They're dishwasher and microwave safe and can also put in the freezer and refrigerator.

Also from Sharper Image, Zoundz. It's described as an interactive digital audio sculpture. You can use pawn-like pieces on this base to create an infinite number of original musical compositions. The pieces play different kinds of music depending on the hot spots they trigger. There's an alarm clock edition that you can program to use your original composition to wake you up.

We also looked at the I-Dog desktop companion; a palm-sized robot puppy that responds to digital music. He comes with a built-in speaker for playing with your I-Pod. The companion to the dog is the I-Fish; same concept. Just plug and play your I-Pod or let him respond to music.

Tenth Anniversary Elmo

Has it really been ten years? And isn't he tired of all that tickling and laughing by now? Sesame Street and Fisher Price have launched a new version of Elmo. He's really happy this time,  tickles very easily and is expected to be a super-seller for the holidays.

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