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How to become a mystery shopper

3:19 PM, Feb 16, 2007   |    comments
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  • The enlightened applicant will sign up via their computer with perhaps a dozen or so companies. Then over time the shopper will build working relationships with some of those companies and receive more and more assignments. The enlightened applicant will be on their best grammatical behavior when they complete their application.

    Many of the professional companies like (the company featured on 9News) have Power Point training programs for shoppers that are free. An important component of their service to the mystery-shopper-want-to-be is to steer him or her to the Internet where free applications with reputable companies exist. They also steer the mystery-shopper want-to-be away from the scam adds in the weekly papers offering lists of companies for $29 to $75.

    We can also tell those who call in that there are two key things you want to know before you complete an application or registration with any mystery shopping company.

    (1) There should be no cost what so ever to the shopper.

    (2) The mystery shopping company is paying their shoppers within 30 days.
    Lastly, there are virtually no openings for shoppers that are not computer literate.

    For more information on how to become a mystery shopper, go to or Google the search words "mystery shopper."

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