YOUR SHOW - May 27, 2007
Developmentally Disabled Funding
Ed Perlmutter, Jim Sheeler & an Iraq War Widow
Veterans History Project

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Currently, there are thousands of Coloradans waiting for services as the state can't afford it. We invited State Rep. Michael Garcia (D-Aurora) and Tim Cairns, who runs the Association for Community Living in Boulder County, to appear on YOUR SHOW. Garcia is heading up an interim legislative committee to meet this summer to address the issue. They answered questions from April, Larry Velasco in Pueblo, Marian Neely-Carlson, Helen Bargas, Edward Arnold and Tom Sanborn.

YOUR SHOW brought in two separate newsmakers this week, the first of which was Rep. Ed Perlmutter (D-Colorado), the first-term congressman from Jefferson County. Perlmutter was the only member of Colorado's congressional delegation to vote against the Iraq War supplemental, saying voters wanted a change in direction in Iraq and the measure did not provide enough of one. He also sponsored legislation this week to bring National Guard troops back from the middle east to prepare to deal with hurricanes and wildfires. Congressman Perlmutter answered questions on immigration, energy, gas prices, school safety and leadership. Specifically, he answered questions from Keith Glenn, Barbara, Stan Weekes, Chelsea in Denver, Tim in Denver, Jennifer Vaughn in Littleton, Bear Creek High School student Clinton Stanton, C. Doyle and Brian Olson.

YOUR SHOW's second set of newsmakers sought to answer the question as to the true meaning of Memorial Day. We brought in Rocky Mountain News reporter Jim Sheeler, whose 2005 Veterans Day feature "Final Salute" won the Pulitzer Prize. It focused on the Marines who notified families when a loved one was killed in Iraq. Joining Sheeler was Katherine Cathey, whose husband, 2nd Lt. James Cathey, was killed in Iraq in 2005. The segment was inspired by an e-mail from Joe in Loveland who wanted us to spend time on how Memorial Day was more than simply a good time to buy furniture on sale. Sheeler and Cathey answered questions from Kay Honeycutt, Joan in Denver, Bob in Denver and Ralph in Littleton.

YOUR SHOW finished this week with the thoughts of court reporters, graduates of the Denver Academy of Court Reporting, who are spending their vacation time helping the Library of Congress with the Veterans History Project. Its goal is to record the thoughts of America's veterans who served during wartime. Photojournalist Manny Sotelo, Jr. produced this story.

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