High diving into a kiddie pool

11:30 AM, Nov 29, 2007   |    comments
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Taylor grew up in Denver, trained in the waters of Boulder Creek and Clear Creek, and now calls himself "Professor Splash". Last July, Taylor set a world record for shallow diving when dove from 35 feet high into a kiddie pool filled with one foot of water. "There's fear. But you mainly make sure you have a good flight plan," Taylor said.

Taylor is a professional high diver who does theme shows and other events around the world. About 12 years ago, he read about the record for shallow diving and decided to go for it. "There's really no training, it's so dangerous," Taylor said. But he did admit there are some trade secrets. The dive looks somewhat like a belly flop but it's important to jump out and away, Taylor said. "I throw a lot of water and that's the key," Taylor said, explaining that the more water that splashes out of the pool the more the fall is cushioned. "If anyone wants to do this, I'll give them the films and some pointers," Taylor quipped.

Next year, Taylor is planning to set a new world record in Berlin, Germany. But he may get that chance sooner if the Hollywood writer's strike is settled. Taylor was supposed to be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno before the strike stopped production. At the time, the producers of the show wanted Taylor to jump into egg nog. He's not sure if that will be in the plan this time, but was told sparklers may be involved. Regardless of the set dressing, Taylor said he's enjoying the spoils of his work and loves every minute of it.

To read more about Taylor's diving, go to www.professorsplash.com.  

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