Woman bitten, two dogs dead after coyote attack

3:31 PM, Dec 25, 2007   |    comments
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"To have this loss on Christmas Eve, it's a staggering loss. I know that may sound ridiculous, but we care so much for our dogs. It's terrible," said John Shattuck.

The dogs were attacked Sunday. Janice Shattuck let two of the family's four dogs into the yard. Within minutes she heard a commotion outside and ran out to see what was happening.

When she got out to the back yard she saw four coyotes, two were inside the fence. Both of her dogs were in the jaws of the coyotes. She started swinging and kicking at the coyotes hoping to free her pets. She managed to free Lola, but the coyotes dragged Eddie away.

"When she came back inside, she had blood on her nightgown and Lola in a blanket," said John Shattuck.

While trying to rescue her dogs, Janice Shattuck was bitten on the arm.

"It definitely punctured her arm, and mangled one of her fingers on her left hand," said Shattuck.

Shattuck's son found the other dog Eddie in the backyard a few hours later. They took him to an animal hospital where he died Monday morning. Later that afternoon, they had to put Lola down.

"The coyote snapped her spine, she was paralyzed," said Shattuck.

Janice Shattuck will have to endure six rounds of rabies shots. Her arm in a bandage, she said she was too shaken up to be interviewed. Speaking to her husband, she said she didn't care about the rabies shots, she was more concerned about the loss of the dogs.

There is no doubt the Shattucks are dog lovers. Each of their four dogs has their own Christmas stockings. Two will remain empty.

According to the Colorado Division of Wildlife, coyotes generally do not attack people, but do attack pets. The DOW says if a coyote approaches you or your pet, try scaring it away by making loud noises or throwing a rock or a stick at it.

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