Students form human chain

11:24 AM, Apr 22, 2008   |    comments
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Students and staff at Overland High School formed a human chain around the building. There were at least 2,200 people involved.

"I think it was a good reason to celebrate diversity. We have so much support from the kids this year. Staff and students working for the same goal," said teacher Yaroslav Tomashuk.

This was also a way to use math. Students from Zachary Bissinger's Geometry classes did the prep work for the event. They calculated the number of students in the school, and how far apart they would have to be to make the circle.

In the end it all worked. They had such a large group of people that they could have circled the entire Overland campus.

The students said they didn't think the human chain would be possible at first, but in the end Junior Melissa Castegon said, "It was pretty cool."

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